Roy Halladay Is By Far The Best Pitcher in Baseball

Jesse RobichaudContributor IJuly 15, 2009

ST LOUIS, MO - JULY 14:  American League All-Star Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays pitches during the 2009 MLB All-Star Game at Busch Stadium on July 14, 2009 in St Louis, Missouri.  (Photo by Morry Gash-Pool/Getty Images)

This may not be the most controversial statement ever, but it needs to be said: "Doc Halladay is the best pitcher in the bigs and everyone else an afterthought." Johan Santana would be the only one who comes close to Halladay over the past seven seasons, but even he falls short.

Since '02 Halladay has started 217 games and Johan has started 242, so lets take a look at their stats. Halladay's record is 71 games above .500, Santana is 62 games over. Halladay has 38 complete games Johan has 9. Halladay has ten shutouts, Johan has six. Santana has pitched 25 more games and isnine9 games behind Halladay.

Now lets take a look at the team that each player had around them. From 2002 till 2008 Halladay's team the Blue Jays had a record of 567 wins and 566 losses, in the same time span Johan Santana spent '02-'07 with the Twins and '08 with the Mets, his teams had a record of 623 wins and 510 losses. Santana's teams were a combined 113 games above .500 and Halladay's Blue Jays were one game above .500. Johan's teams were 112 games better than Halladay's yet Roy still was nine games better than Johan.

To further my case we will look at two recent great pitchers. Last year San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum had one of the more impressive years in recent memory on his way to winning the NL Cy Young. Lincecum won 18 games while dominating the National League, earned the nickname "The Freak," and was heralded as one of the best pitchers in baseball. Halladay won 20 games.

Zack Greinke has started this season statistically better than any other pitcher ever. He was 8-1 with an era that was 0.84, the lowest ever for a pitcher that started at least 10 games and had thrown 75 innings. One of the most impressive runs ever for a pitcher. Meanwhile Halladay was also 8-1 with a 2.52 era while also throwing 75 innings so far.

Even when pitchers are having the best games of their career Halladay is comparable, then if you look at the big picture season after season Halladay buries them all.