Defensive Hits On Mobile Quarterbacks, Does It Make a Diference?

Summer hamiltonCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2009

If you watch football reguarly you notice that the defense often hits the quarterback while they're in the pocket about to pass. When they hit them, a flag is usually thrown for "roughing the quarterback." This happens usually more than once in a game when Carson Palmer, Eli, or Peyton Manning start. All of those guys usually stay in the pocket to throw. You can barely touch these guys and the referees will still throw a flag.

Quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger that mostly stay out of the pocket, are often hit, as well, and no flag is thrown. Ben can practically get mugged, and the referees do nothing about it.

My point is: Shouldn't the same rules apply for mobile quarterbacks as stay-in-the-pocket quartebacks? This has bothered me for some time, because Ben often gets injured in these hits and the referees still do nothing about it.

I would love to here your take on this subject, so feel free to comment.