Watch James Harden Play Awful Defense for Team USA vs. Turkey in FIBA World Cup

Ethan NorofCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2014

Coach Nick/vine

James Harden's defense is a popular subject of conversation among basketball fans.

It might be an even bigger topic if he showed a consistent effort on that end.

Although the NBA is in the offseason, the FIBA World Cup began this past weekend, and Harden's lackluster defense was in classic form:

Last season, Harden was criticized for his poor defensive effort, and rightfully so. The clip below illustrates how poorly Harden showed out on that end of the court.

Perhaps it's time for Harden to make good on his goal of becoming a better defender (via Bobby Gonzalez of Sheridan Hoops):

I spoke to several members of the USAB staff, and behind the scenes they were amazed at how good James Harden has become as an overall player since his last tour with Team USA two years ago. The fact that he came in and was focused on being a lockdown defender blew them away.

Based on what we've seen from Harden so far, he still has a ways to go.