Latest News and Rumors Surrounding WWE 2K15 for Sept. 1

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 1, 2014

2K Sports Senior Producer Mark Little
2K Sports Senior Producer Mark LittleColin Young-Wolff/Associated Press

Developers have clearly focused on improving the graphics and animation for WWE 2K15.

A behind-the-scenes video shows 2K Sports putting great effort into improving the visual elements of the game. In other news, a GameSpot preview points to improved animations, while a rumor will catch PC gamers' eyes.

WWE's upcoming video game has received its share of hype, and more information is slowly making its way out.

There has been no update in regard to the roster since the reveal event on SummerSlam weekend. Even Edge doesn't know if he's in the game, as he noted on Twitter:

Even if the roster ends up lacking Hall of Famers like Edge, signs keep pointing to WWE 2K15 being a marked improvement over past editions.   

In a recent AfterBuzz TV interview, Steve Austin called it "the damndest video game that's ever come out." Fans won't have to wait too long to find out if that's true. It is scheduled for release on Oct. 28 in North America and on Oct. 31 internationally.


Another Format for WWE 2K15?

WWE 2K15 will mark the series' first foray into next-gen consoles. Fans are now wondering if it will be available on PC as well.

As Attack of the Fan Boy points out, the Korean Game Rating Board apparently lists WWE 2K15 under the PC games for 2015. lists the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as the only systems that will support the game.

Do the folks rating games in Korea know more than everyone else? It's more likely that this is an error and not leaked info. 2K Sports has yet to confirm the game on PC. 

In addition, 2K Brand Director Bryce Yang addressed the topic at Gamescom 2014. He said the "focus is on next-gen systems" but that 2K is always looking to expand:

(Note: Interview questions are in German; Yang's answers are in English.)

With as much effort and resources as 2K Sports has had to invest in order to make the game ready for next-gen consoles, it's doubtful that the company would make the move to PC for this edition now. PC gamers probably have to wait at least until WWE 2K16 to get their typing hands on the game.


First Making-of Video

IGN will be releasing a number of videos showcasing the process of making of WWE 2K15. The first of these features Cesaro doing motion-capture work and the developers talking about their goals for the game.

The game footage is all stuff fans have already seen. Visuals of Randy Orton, Goldust and John Cena entering the ring is nothing new. 

It's what 2K Sports Senior Producer Mark Little and company have to say that's most interesting.

2K Sports is definitely not just sleepwalking through this latest addition to the series. Its goal is to revolutionize it, especially when it comes to graphics.

The glimpses fans of seen so far bear that out. That could be why we may see a trimmed-down roster. Rather than work on adding an enormous amount of Superstars and legends, developers seem to be zeroing in making a smaller number of them look tremendous.


More Hands-On Perspective

A recent hands-on review offers some exciting items. The first of which being improved animation. 

GameSpot reports that "Animation, across the board, is impressive, especially when low-stamina factors in and wrestlers start crawling for pins or using the ropes to pull themselves up."

Working on details like that will certainly make the game feel more fluid and real. One of the biggest stumbling blocks with wrestling games is getting the nuances of matches right.

This sounds as if 2K Sports has addressed that regarding tired, drained wrestlers. That should add drama to the match the way someone like Dolph Ziggler does when he begins to use the ropes for support.

Dolph Ziggler leans on the ropes during a match with Alberto Del Rio last year.
Dolph Ziggler leans on the ropes during a match with Alberto Del Rio last year.Credit:

The GameSpot review also offered info on striking: "While it's still possible to throw a flurry of fists, there's a more methodical and measured approach to landing them this time around. I often found myself jockeying for an optimal angle before throwing a punch, and if it missed, I briefly stepped back and regrouped."

Like with the new grappling system, it looks as if there's going to be a learning curve for those familiar with the series.

If that leads to more realistic punches and a more simulated feel to the game, fans are going to be happy with having to relearn a few things. 2K Sports is overhauling the series.

That's going to require a touch more patience when jumping into the game but continually looks as if it will pay off in improved gameplay.