Colin Cowherd Rage in the Cage

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IMay 7, 2008

ESPN Radio personality Colin Cowherd will attempt to hit 80mph fastballs in a batting cage tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

What started as some light mockery of Barry Zito and his 80mph fastball, and being sent into the bullpen, has turned into an in-studio bet with his producers.

Colin claims he can kill an 80mph fastball. He has had various people on air (i.e., Red Sox Manager Terry Francona) who have made him think this may be harder then it seems.

The excuses are underway, and the brilliance of Colin Cowherd is taken to new heights.

Vote on how many pitches Colin can take before he starts swinging.

Colin is known for his brutal honesty on the air and never holding back his opinions. His show is "sports talk radio"; however, he likes to rant on anything and everything that is on his mind.

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Last year Colin bet one of his producers, Fisch, that he could beat him in a 40-yard dash. Colin lost due to a "hamstring injury" while running.

See one of my favorite Colin Cowherd segments that has been posted on youtube with the addition of still pictures to go along with his rant. Here, Colin bashes Michigan Football for about five minutes after the 2006 draft.

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