All-Time Pro Football Team: Fullback

Mike HempelCorrespondent IMay 7, 2008

Bronco Nagurski just might have the coolest nickname in all of professional sports. 

As we continue our quest for our all-time professional football team, we take a look at the fullback position. 

This is a position similar to the offensive line, where stats don't say everything; they're have been some of the greatest blocking fullbacks, and fullbacks who carried the ball as well. 

Both will be factored. 

So without further ado, my nominees for fullback.

7. Mike Alstott, Tampa Bay Bucs

6. Paul Younger, Los Angeles Rams

5. William Henderson, Green Bay Packers

4. Lorenzo Neal, Cincinnati Bengals / San Diego Chargers

3. Marion Motley, Cleveland Browns

2. Darryl Johnston, Dallas Cowboys

1. Bronco Nagurski, Chicago Bears tie for 1st with larry zonk csonka


For fullbacks, I'll take one starter, and that's it! 

Make sure you look back and keep voting for the all time quarterbacks. 

Keep the votes coming, in our quest to put together the greatest all-time professional football team.