Braun Off Limits Again?

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2009

No, not in trade destinations. He’s obviously off limits there. I’m talking about in the dating field.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch photo gallery of the All-Star parade featured the above photo in which you can see Braun with a young lady that looks to be the same woman he was with at least year’s event (Andreena Clarke). Braun and Clarke were dating, but reportedly broke up a few weeks ago.

Why am I making a second post on Braun’s dating life in a month’s time? Well, it’s a slow news day and I don’t want to make a post about the NL losing again in the All-Star game. Plus, any time I can post anything with the words “Braun,” “girlfriend” or any related terms, we get a bunch of hits from lame Braun stalkers surfing the Web. And I’m not ashamed to pander to them. We’re basically a gossip blog anyway. I mean, we were linked on TMZ today