UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2014

UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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    UFC 177 was supposed to feature a rematch between T.J. Dillashaw and Renan Barao, but Barao was forced out of the bout.

    In stepped Joe Soto.

    Soto was a game opponent, but Dillashaw's high volume striking won most of the first four rounds. Soto was forced to cover up in the majority of the exchanges, and could only go after single shot counters. He failed on his takedown attempts as well.

    Dillashaw capped off the performance with a fifth round knockout to retain his title.

    Bleacher Report had all of the round-by-round analysis for you. Check it out.

Round 1

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    They meet in the center. Dillashaw showing off his footwork early. He shouldn't get too fancy early.

    Dillashaw hits a low leg kick, and it trips Soto. He's back up right away. Soto catches a leg, but eats a right hand. Dillashaw takes Soto's back. Good scrambling from the champion. Soto works to his feet.

    Soto ducks a high kick. Dillashaw eats a counter. He is a bit wild early. 90 seconds remaining. A feeling out process in the first round for both men.

    Dillashaw with another low leg kick. Dillashaw finishes a combination with a high kick, but it is blocked. Soto is trying to land a big counter. Dillashaw doing more work as the aggressor. They exchange in the pocket, Soto with an inside leg kick that trips Dillashaw to a knee.

    Good end to the round.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Dillashaw

Round 2

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    They throw right away. Soto landing two big right hands on the face of Dillashaw.

    Dillashaw's aggressiveness is only mildly effective. He is leaving himself open to counters. Dillashaw pumping his jab, but then hits an outside leg kick. Dillashaw putting his hands together well now, and Soto is defending the shots.

    Soto with another solid right hand. Dillashaw with high volume.

    Sweeping left hook from Soto. Dillashaw eats a jab. Sneaky uppercut from Dillashaw lands, and Soto answered with a leg kick. Dillashaw comes forward with a speedy combination, but he covers up very well. Soto's boxing defense is on point.

    This is a hard round to score. The judges are likely to favor Dillashaw's volume, but I think Soto landed the cleaner shots.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Soto

Round 3

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    Nice outside leg kick from Soto, answered by a combination from Dillashaw. The vast majority of that combination was blocked.

    Nice body kick from Dillashaw. The champion with an effective combination that go around. The left hand did most of the work. Left hook to the body from Dillashaw. Solid inside leg kick by the champion. He is beginning to find his rhythm.

    Soto with a takedown attempt, but it's defended easily. Dillashaw's combinations are quick and overwhelming. Soto is forced to cover up.

    Dillashaw with a takedown, and Soto gets back to his feet quickly. Dillashaw keeps pressing forward, and Soto is backing up consistently. Soto lands a right. Quick right hand again from the challenger. Dillashaw still coming with high volume.

    Excellent round for the champion.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Dillashaw

Round 4

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    They touch gloves at the beginning of the championship rounds.

    Dillashaw with a wild combination that misses. Soto trying to come forward, but he is met with Dillashaw strikes at every moment. Dillashaw's high volume striking is reducing Soto to a single strike.

    Half the round gone. A slower pace.

    Dillashaw with another lengthy combination. Largely ineffective in terms of damage, but it renders Soto useless. A takedown from the champion. Soto tries to get up, Dillashaw attempts to take the back but they are back on their feet.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Dillashaw

Round 5

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    Soto goes for a takedown, but fails. Dillashaw with a good combination as Soto has his back to the fence.

    Dillashaw still coming forward, and now starts to attempt to get the crowd into the fight. Soto needs to do something drastic, but he has yet to pull the trigger. He must risk it to win the title.

    Dillashaw lands a big headkick! Soto is down! Dillashaw lands a couple shots before McCarthy steps in. Excellent finish!

    T.J. Dillashaw defeats Joe Soto by KO at 2:20 of the fifth round