New Coach Brings New Hope

Bobby R EngleContributor IJuly 15, 2009

New Coach gives new hope

Auburn University has a new coach.Along with that comes new hope.Loyal fans will rally around

their new couch and root for thir team. And thats the way It is ,Thats the way it should be.

As for Coach Chizik.I hope him and his staff the best. As a fan of Alabama football for many

years. I know and feel for what the Auburn Nation are going through right now.

With all the coaching changes Alabama went through, All the termoral its hard to explain why I

keep pulling for Alabama, But the facts are you are a fan and thats what fans do.

I know I watch as mike Shula went through four years of not knowing where the football team

was headed.I wished things would get better. I didn't know what changes need to be made, But

I knew we needed a change of some kind.

The day coach Shula was fired I was so sick I could hardly do my job. For the next few weeks

it didn't get any better. I knew we would find a new coach ,Alabama in spite of all its bad press

was a great program. But you never get a written in stone guarantee that your next coach will be

any better than your last. As we look back on the coaching search it sure looked like Alabama

was going down that wrong road again.

So to all Auburn faithfuls I understand how you feel, Support your team,and remember this.

You have a new Coach and New Hope. War Eagle Are what ever.