New York Yankees: Joba Chamberlain Didn't Get the Job Done

joaquin encinasContributor IMarch 2, 2017

Everything was set up yesterday at the Yankees-Indians game for a Joba Chamberlain eighth Inning and Mariano Rivera ninth Inning.

Andy Pettitte set up the perfect scenario with the help of Kyle Farnsworth in the seventh inning. The eight inning arrives and with it Joba Chamberlain, I call my wife to come a watch this great pitcher.

The first batter walks and I said to myself what is with Joba throwing so many curve ball. Then the second batter gets a free pass and I said this is weird. The third hitter of the inning is retired by Chamberlain. Things looked alright until the Indians sent up David Dellucci as a pinch hitter, a guy who has nine home runs as a pinch hitter.

I had that feeling that he would throw a high fastball and Dellucci would hit a home run so I close my eyes and told my wife that she could go back to what she was doing, the Yankees will lose this game. Sure enough, I close my eyes and the next thing I heard was Michal Kay from YES network saying "See Ya a Home Run by David Dellucci," it was the first home run given up by Chamberlain in Yankee Stadium.

Well its only one game and with Wang pitching today it will be a different game. I just hope that everything is set up again for Joba so he can stand up like a real baseball player and demonstrate to anybody that he is not invincible; he is just a really good pitcher.