One St.Louis Residents Views On The All Star Festivities In Town

Matt 'Frostin' FooteCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2009

Ahh the All Star Game. A chance for stars to shine(sorry Ian Kinsler), a chance for unknowns to become...knowns?(sorry again Ian Kinsler) Yet also a chance for sluggers to pit themselves in a grueling competition to the death(of home runs).

I live in good 'ole STL so here are my views on how it went down.


Fanfest was wonderful! So many great things to do. Home Run Derby(I smashed one out), batting cages, pitch speed monitors(hurt my arm doing this), races to home plate, they had a replica of the All Star Dugouts, amazing stalls on the history of baseball, an entire section dedicated to Cardinals history and memerobila, some of the greatest players were signing autographs(I got Rollie Fingers, and Earl Weaver) just a fun thing.


Another thing I had the privilege to attend. I was at the ballpark for 12 hours. 10:30-10:45. Gates opened at 11. There was a four hour rain delay. 1:00-5:30. Then the game started again USA lost to World 7-5. Legends and Celebrity Softball game was awesome as well.(Shawn Johnson= hot[wow and they said I failed Algebra!])


All I can say is great show guys, wish Albert could have won, but ya know.


Having three home players works out really good! Great game, AL won yet again(UGH!), but those things just ahppen. 

Just a great thing to have in your hometown. Can't wait to go to another sometime!(hopefully) That reminds me. LA residents i gurantee you will love it next year.