WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Aug. 25

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 29, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Ryback delivered one of the best WWE promos of his career by way of a viral video shot from his hospital bed.

The Big Guy is one of the stars of the week's best WWE-related tweets, Instagram photos and other social media. Goldust and Stardust, a new WWE cartoon and The Honky Tonk Man made their way onto the list as well.

Social media gives fans access they didn't have before. That was especially clear this week.

Take Ryback's loopy speech, for example. The powerhouse was set to have surgery to repair some nagging injuries. He addressed fans in hilarious fashion:

WWE needs to find ways to get that Ryback onscreen more when he gets back. We've only seen flashes of him being that engaging on TV.

As for the two men in pursuit of The Usos and the Tag Team Championships, audiences have seen them ramble on a regular basis. They have not, though, seen them in fast-forward, a blur of gold and face paint.

The Hyperlapse clip of Goldust and Stardust that WWE posted on Instagram is mesmerizing:

That was far from the only peek that fans got of the action backstage. A recent photo gallery on WWE.com featured a number of looks at Superstars like Adam Rose, Sheamus and Heath Slater conversing and hanging out backstage.

WWE's Twitter account chose the perfect image to entice fans to check the photos out:

Fans also got a unique look at Ambrose's former partner on his way to the ring. At a house show in Bakersfield, California, Roman Reigns cut through the crowd to battle Seth Rollins in a Tables match.

An Instagram photo captured his entrance, complete with a spotlight beaming above him:

It's unclear whether Reigns will be facing Randy Orton or Rollins at Night of Champions, but he's surely not in line to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. The Miz is seeking to snatch back that title.

It's one that has a long history of memorable victories. Chyna, Bret Hart and The Honky Tonk Man all contributed to that history.

WWE compiled 10 of the biggest IC title wins in a new countdown video:

Seeing Honky Tonk and The Ultimate Warrior in action again may inspire fans to fire up the WWE Network and travel back in time. For others, they will be reminded of an era that saw the company venture into the world of cartoons.

Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling is long gone. However, WWE has crafted a new animated series. 

The first episode of Cheap Pops aired on YouTube:

Kane, Brock Lesnar, Adam Bomb and The Berzerker all star in what would feel right at home on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. No word on how long WWE plans to keep this going. The first episode was excellent and should have fans antsy to see more.

That new arrival comes just as WWE said goodbye to its official magazine.

As Steven Fernandes reported for PWInsider, "WWE Magazine officially shut down" on Thursday. The folks running the WWE Magazine Twitter account spent much of that day sending shout-outs to Superstars who they worked with over the years.

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn's message is one of the funnier ones:

Edge, Beth Phoenix and The Brooklyn Brawler received mentions as well. Just like that, the publication that entertained many a kid and fan for years on end is gone.

Being a WWE fan requires one to say goodbye a lot. Sometimes it's to a show like King of the Ring, a retiring Superstar or, in this case, to a magazine. The arrival of a new era forces changes like that.

With this latest shift, the magazine may be gone, but fans can now burrow themselves in the archives on the WWE Network and get views of wrestlers through social media that weren't possible when WWE Magazine first launched in 1983.