NHL Eastern Conference Finals: The Pittsburgh Penguins Own Your Soul

Corey GallagherContributor IMay 7, 2008

Despite what ESPN would have you believe, the NHL playoffs are some of the greatest months of the year. And this year, for the first time in a while, the Pittsburgh Penguins are playing a major role. But don't look here for analysis. You can get enough from NHL.com.  We are here to entertain... or at least attempt to entertain.


If there is one thing we can take from the Ranger series, it's that Jarkko Ruutu is freaking hilarious. My favorite new phrase, stemming from the many incidents involving Jarkko, is "F***ing Ruutu, man" (followed by drunken/schoolboy giggles). My background is now a picture of him jawing at Jagr. If you need any more proof he's awesome, check out the video clear and distinct).


What is great about this year's Penguins is that there is way, way too much fire power. If our top 3 or 4 guys have an off night, there are 4 other great players there to step up.  Oh, Sidney's not putting it into the net every time down the ice? Give me a little Malone wrap-around. It's been incredible to witness


As for the Flyers series: if you thought the last series was chippy, well you.. yeah yeah, we've all read every other preview out there. Look, the both of the prior series were chippy because that's what happens when you play Canadians and New Yorkers that aren't as good as you. Also, it happens when you go up 3 games to none. But this series will be serious. It will get physical because, well, "these boys just plain don't like each other".


Of course, I think the Penguins will win. We have the offense. We have the goaltender. And we have the penalty kill. But we've all been to enough AFC Championships in Pittsburgh to know that what happened last week does not always translate to right now. Our call? Pens in 6.


Buckle your hat, for it is time to feast. It's about to get awesome.