15 Real Animal Mascots That Are Way Cooler Than Costumed Counterparts

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15 Real Animal Mascots That Are  Way Cooler Than Costumed Counterparts

A team's mascot would never be a deal-breaker for a real sports fan.

But a great mascot can certainly sweeten the deal, while a terrible one (or the terrible way a team employs it) can be an annoying distraction.

Of course, not all mascots are created equal, which makes Xavier's people-eating interpretation of the Blue Blob all the more impressive and any team that slaps a cowboy hat on some dude...less so.

However, one truth that cannot be questioned is that the absolute best mascots are actual, living animals―your dogs, cows, buffalo and...condors.

Animals can simply do no wrong―America loves its living mascots.

They behave and everything goes as planned? Adorable and entertaining.

They go rogue and mayhem ensues? Not only is it even better, but the episode almost always becomes a YouTube moment.

Whereas a couple of weirdos lurching around in big, heavy costumes―with a frozen smile made all the more menacing by their eternal bug-eyed gaze―may occasionally go hilariously off script, usually their ceiling is set at "funky."

With the real animal deal, there's no wondering about who's behind the suit and why they're engaging in such shenanigans; their dumb, cute or crazy antics are all authentic.

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