First Half Assessment: New York Mets

Sergio ValdezContributor IIJuly 14, 2009

NEW YORK - JULY 09:  Alex Cora #3 of the New York Mets looks on against the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 9, 2009 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The New York Mets

This is overall my first half assessment of the New York Mets. They have been bad this year and injury plagued. I don't think Jerry Manuel has been doing a good job. Here it is:


On paper we should be better, team hits for high average, supposedly high w/RISP but so many blown opportunities. Honestly it's either Feast or Famine
Starting Pitching:

I say the've been good, better than the stats will have you believe... they haven't had a fair chance with this D...


Such an improvement from last year, I don't cry when the starting pitcher exits anymore. I love Frankie! Inconsistent as of late though


Holy ..... you've seen Sportscenter, that's not even half the story, Schneider can't call a good game, Murphy is not Delgado on the catching throws though he's been ok, the injuries make you miss people that much more. Overall


Murphy is better at First than at LF
Sheffield has hit well
Not really a surprise but Angel Pagan is good, pretty good, for us at least, best 4th OF besides J.P
Cora has been a decent replacement and played will despite torn ligaments in his thumb.
Santos has helped out quite a few times.
Sean Green, Brian Stokes, Pat Mitch (until sunday) Elmer Dessens, have done well in the BP.
Fernando Nieve and Livan Hernandez have pitched well at one point or another.

Jerry Manuel Disappointments (where to start):

Lefty Righty match ups don't always work, Murphy hits Lefties better than Tatis, look it up genius.
Though Takahashi is lefthanded, his style of pitching eliminates righties better than lefties, too bad you didn't know.
David Wright does not hit well in the 3 hole and hits worlds better in the 5 hole, EVEN WITHOUT DELGADO REYES AND BELTRAN, enough games were played like that....
You do not sit someone when they're hot.... i.e Murphy, Church, Reed, Evans, let them ride a hot streak you a hole.....
Stop laughing in interviews after a loss you imbecile.
Your team doesn't like you, do something about it!


Murphy is having a sophomore slump (cause he doesn't get to hit lefties)
Church was treated like a dog
Everyone is hurt, I mean everyone, even our bench, now even some AAA players, it's not even funny.
Our Med Staff has been irresponsible..... couldn't handle injuries well, nobody would be out as long as the are.
Tatis isn't who he was last year.....
Him and Castillo are rally killers.
Worst team with bases loaded 2 outs, seriously, if there's a man on base and a 1 runs lead you'd be better off walking to pitchers then pitching to anyone....
Schneider still can't call a good game.
Razor "Never Say No" Shines (3B coach) has screwed us so bad, some players actually ignore his signs sometimes....
Cora is hitting .250....
With a competent manager we are actually over .500

Still Alive:

Wright has done well, as has Santana, Rodriguez and comp...
People are slowly coming back so we have a glimmer of hope.
Jerry may get fired (I can only hope)
Francoeur is new blood and may be the hype we need.