Sheamus vs. Cesaro Feud Is Good Timing for Both Superstars

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistAugust 28, 2014

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It seems we're at the beginning of Cesaro feuding with Sheamus, and I like it.

These two guys and WWE need this feud. It plays to a lot of strengths.

Both men get a loyal following from the international market given their European backgrounds. It might seem like a trivial point, but pitting the Swiss and Irish in a feud provides good timing, considering WWE is taking the valuable WWE Network international from now through the start of October.

The European wrestling fans are extremely loyal. They're loyal to WWE's product and will stay up at odd hours to watch it. They are also loyal to the wrestlers who are representing them. Cesaro, Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, Paige, Santino Marella and William Regal are current performers who get a big reaction when WWE travels across the pond.

Heel and face status goes out the window, and it becomes a show of respect and appreciation to see them.

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Both Cesaro and Sheamus have been looking for something to stick lately on television.

Sheamus is walking around as boring as ever being a babyface and holding the United States title. Cesaro has been losing every match and is seemingly lost since randomly parting ways from Paul Heyman.

A match between these two with a little backstory could go a long way. The intense physical pace they'd put on is the type of match that can surprise people and steal the undercard of a pay-per-view.

The most interesting possibility in a feud between these two is the potential to steer each of them in a good direction when moving past this rivalry. Sheamus is a babyface who is terrible at it. He needs to be a heel.

The only people who disagree are some of Sheamus' fans, who are so blinded by loyalty that they can't see that nobody cares about him when he comes out on Raw.

He was one of the best heels I've ever seen, having made a great WWE debut in 2002. However, SmackDown has helped him as a face because it has video and audio editing. The show can play tricks to make it look and sound like he's getting over.

A turn could alleviate those shortcomings and bring a heavier crowd reaction to his performances.

Cesaro is technically a heel—but he needs to be face. His in-ring style works better that way, given the crowd's enjoyment of his strength and unique moves. Sheamus' style works better on the opposite side, given his raw power and menacing look.

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Imagine if WWE successfully pulled off a double switch between the two.

The feud starts with Sheamus as the face and Cesaro booked as the heel. But the feud could end with the two switching places. That would make this showdown that much more memorable and would be positive for the roster as it finishes out 2014.

WWE Creative should have Sheamus win the feud after a great effort by Cesaro, but Sheamus should use heel tactics and extreme violence. It would get Sheamus heat and let Cesaro embrace the fans. Plus, Sheamus would hold on to the United States title, and as a heel it fits with him mocking Americans and seeing who will take the title off him.

If WWE does it this way, it positions Cesaro and Sheamus correctly and have made a title more important.


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