WWE NXT: Full Preview, Rumors and More for August 28

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistAugust 28, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Welcome to Bleacher Report's preview for the August 28 episode of NXT on the WWE Network. Spoilers are already out there, but if you want to know what will happen without having the matches spoiled for you, you're in the right place.

We are just two weeks away from the next live special, NXT Takeover 2. The night's big matches have already been announced, but nothing will be spoiled for those who keep up with the show as it airs.

We are likely to see more promotion for the event starting with this week's show, but there is still plenty of action to look forward to prior to September 11. Let's go through what you can expect to see this week.


Tag Team Turmoil

This week's first bout will see the NXT tag team champions, The Ascension, taking on two local jobbers in what should be a quick, easy win for the champs.

There is currently a tournament going on to find new top contenders for The Ascension's titles, but the challengers get this week off while the champs get a quick workout.

Konnor and Viktor have really grown into a great tag team since joining forces last year. There is little doubt that they will be called up to the main roster, meaning they have to pass the torch to someone else very soon.

Whoever wins next week's tournament finals could very well be the next team to hold the belts Konnor and Viktor have owned for almost 10 months.


A New Constable in Town (Hint Hint)

Perhaps the biggest development taking place on this week's show is the naming of a new general manager for NXT.

JBL used to serve in the role, but he made very sporadic appearances and did not make the position seem too important. The new GM is definitely going to be someone who can appear more often and be a convincing authority figure.

Without revealing any spoilers, what can be said is that this will be someone who is very familiar to the NXT Universe and highly respected by fans and wrestlers alike.

It should be fun seeing how this new GM mixes things up down in NXT.


Hell Hath No Fury...

Also in action this week will be No. 1 contender to the NXT Women's Championship, Bayley. The spirited Diva will be taking on a long-time nemesis in Sasha Banks.

These two are very familiar with one another after all the times they've been in the ring together in recent months. They should be able to produce a solid match if given enough time.

With Bayley being the No. 1 contender, it seems very unlikely that she will suffer a loss at this point, but you never know. Sasha Banks is a talented wrestler who could easily be put into an early position as Bayley's first challenger if Bayley wins the title next month.

It's really hard to say when WWE will pull the trigger with Charlotte and bring her up to the main roster since the Divas division is already pretty full, even if most of the women sit on the sidelines.

Should Bayley defeat her for the title at Takeover 2, it could be a sign that Charlotte is making her way to Raw and SmackDown sooner than we think.


Every Show Needs Some Filler

Moving back to the men of NXT, Bull Dempsey will be taking on Angelo Dawkins in what could be an important match for Dawkins.

If he can score a victory over Dempsey, his stock would raise significantly. He certainly has athleticism to spare, but he needs to start winning if he has hopes of ever getting past NXT. He's been getting a little bit of screen time lately, but it has been very limited.

Dempsey, on the other hand, has been in a small feud with Mojo Rawley. Following their failed attempt to advance in the tag title tournament, Dempsey attacked Rawley.

Rawley responded on last week's episode by saying that his "smile is gone," and Dempsey will find out what "staying hyped is all about."

This is an important feud for both men as it is one of their first real programs in NXT. It's a chance for both of them to prove that they have more to offer.


The Future is Now

The final match of the evening will be the one that is really worth tuning in for. Tyson Kidd will team up with Tyler Breeze to take on Sami Zayn and the NXT champion, Adrian Neville.

These four men have been the driving force in NXT over the past few months, and putting all of them in the ring together can only lead to good things.

Breeze, Kidd and Zayn have all had their eye on the NXT Championship for quite some time, but Neville has proven to be a worthy champion. He's put down all three of the other men in this match at one point or another, but the longer he holds the title, the bigger that target on his back becomes.

Zayn has been an ally to Neville in the past, but if he has a shot at becoming NXT champion, you can bet those allegiances will disappear faster than beer at a frat party.

It seems like an average night in NXT, but the main event should be more than enough reason to tune in. What are you looking forward to on this week's show?


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