Brock Lesnar: Next Big Thing Or Next Big Flop?

D-KwikContributor IJuly 14, 2009

By now everyone knows the name and face of Brock Lesnar.

A former WWE champion and NCAA champion, Lesnar was introduced into wrestling in early 2002 and took WWE by storm.

Since he wasn't happy with being in the WWE he decided to give the NFL a shot. He quickly realized that this was not scripted like his previous career. 

His new path didn't last long after he was cut by the Minnesota Vikings.

He wanted to be an MMA fighter so he signed with the UFC. In his first appearance, he lost his to Frank Mir, but has been winning ever since then.

Now, he is the UFC heavyweight champion.

So Lesnar is on the top of his game and is considered the best as of right now.

Or is he?

Granted, he is very strong and very fast but, who has he really faced?

The two toughest guys he faced were Randy Couture and Frank Mir. Couture appears to be past his prime while Mir can't contain Lesnar's power.

The guy has only had 5 career fights, but everyone believes that he's the best.

Kimbo Slice was the same way, everyone was on his bandwagon when he was completely demolishing people. That is until he lost.

Now people don't even talk about Kimbo anymore, and why?

Is it because he lost one fight?

Is this Lesnar's fate as well?

When you look at the heavyweight division, not a lot of fighters could match up to Brock. There is person who I think can slay Lesnar and show everyone that he can be beat, and his name is Fedor Emelianenko.

I've watched Fedor's fights and the man is a machine. He manhandles people twice his size and carries 30-1 record. His one loss came courtesy of a cut which forced officials to stop the bout.

Fedor has never been submitted and never been knocked out.

This is a true fighter.

Now if Brock Lesnar can roll through Fedor, than I will back off and say "Hey he's a great fighter".

Another person arises when talking about beating Brock, his name is Bobby Lashley.

Now I'm not saying right now, but give Lashley about another year, I guaran-damn-tee that he could beat Brock Lesnar.

So when it comes to Brock, yeah sure he is a very good fighter as of right now because there's no one who can match up against him.

If Fedor vs. Brock does happen, then my money is on Fedor hands down.

And then we'll see how good Brock really is.