The Big Show and Mark Henry Are the Next Great Pairing in WWE

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistAugust 28, 2014

Big Show and Mark Henry
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The Big Show and Mark Henry have recently been paired as a tag team on WWE programming.  The World's Largest Athlete and The World's Strongest Man are quite the impressive duo, mostly because of their size and the strength they possess.

And while many WWE fans are likely very accustomed to the company populating its tag team division with mismatched duos, the fact is that this time it's a bit different.  In many ways, Show and Henry are the next great pairing in WWE.

It seems like such an obvious team, and one that likely could have been formed a long time ago.  After all, Show and Henry are two of the most physically intimidating, physically impressive Superstars in company history.  

As a team, they tip the scales at over 837 lbs.  To put that in perspective, the current tag team champions The Usos have a total combined weight of only 479 lbs.  That is only 54 lbs more than just Big Show himself.

The Usos
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Needless to say, size definitely matters for this team.  But that is not the only positive when it comes to Show and Henry. 

Together, they have a total of 37 years of experience in the business, with each man working most of those years for Vince McMahon.  So the longevity is there, and the commitment from WWE is there.  Each man has earned his stripes and earned the opportunity to impress on a worldwide stage.

They also surely have the respect of WWE fans, who have watched them perform for years. The pro wrestling audience is notorious for being extraordinarily hard to please, but they have accepted both men based upon their time served and the work they've done.

And separately, Show and Henry have proven themselves as main event contenders.

Mark Henry
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Show held the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships four times combined, while Henry has been world champion himself.  Show has feuded with major stars like Triple H and Brock Lesnar, while Henry has worked main event matches against both Randy Orton and John Cena.

They were very credible and respected Superstars on their own.  And now, they have come together.

And this union is not what WWE fans have come to expect from the tag team division.  A great example of this is a duo like Kane and Daniel Bryan working together as Team Hell No.  Those two Superstars had virtually nothing in common yet managed to get over as a tag team.

That is the sort of combination that WWE is known for while The Usos have been somewhat of a rarity. However, Big Show and Henry have quite a bit in common and their pairing seems to be spot on.

Show vs Luke Harper
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And the timing of this new duo perhaps could not be better.  The truth is that neither man has done very much lately.  Considering the injury issues that Henry has had in the past, this could be the best thing for his career.  Now, Henry can spend less time in the ring and perhaps stay healthier longer.

Then there's the fact that they look great on TV.  From a fan's perspective, this is very good news. The tag team division has new blood and a new look.  For many fans, there is nothing like watching two powerhouse Superstars using high-impact moves and absolutely dominating in the ring.

That is something that Big Show and Henry can do and likely do better than any other duo currently in WWE.

The star power is there, the respect is there and the ability is there.  But how far will they go?

Show and Henry
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The answer to that question may not be very apparent, mostly because the aforementioned Usos are indeed the tag champs.  They are also babyface, which means that Show and Henry may very well need to turn heel if they are to feud with them.  While this is not necessary for the match to happen, the fact is that Jimmy and Jey Uso are so over with the crowd that WWE may not want them to lose any momentum right now.

So if the belts are not in the equation for them at this time, then what is?

The truth is that Henry and Show have had problems with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper recently, and those problems may not be rectified at this point.  More time may be needed for all four men to keep waging war and if that is the case, then fans will surely reap the benefits.

These four men do not have a wrestling match as much as they have a brawl.  And while it's not a show of technical wrestling that occurs when they lock up, it is a very physical conflict, and that can be just as impressive.  This is especially true for the live crowds that love the hard-hitting action that only super heavyweights can bring.

Perhaps that is what Big Show and Henry can do as a duo; just entertain in one tag team rivalry after another.  And if the time is right, then fans could see these two behemoths of the ring prevail as new tag team champions.  Either way, this pairing should prove to be one of the best that WWE fans have seen in a very long time.