Roman Reigns Deserves to Be the Man Who Stops Brock Lesnar's Reign

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 27, 2014


WWE has spent the last year building up Brock Lesnar as an unstoppable and vicious monster capable of obliterating anything in his path.

He shocked the world in April when he ended The Undertaker’s legendary WrestleMania streak.

Then, at last week’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, he destroyed John Cena in one of the most one-sided WWE main events ever en route to winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But, despite Lesnar’s incredibly flattering booking, wrestling history has shown us that dominant monster heels exist mainly to be stopped at some point—and there is no better person for this role than Roman Reigns.


First of all, he’s the only credible option left to defeat Lesnar and win the belt. Cena may be getting his rematch at Night of Champions, but after his dismal performance against Lesnar at SummerSlam, few can believe he has a legitimate shot at defeating him.

Popular babyfaces Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose are both out right now—and even if they were around, the size difference alone might prevent fans from being able to suspend their disbelief and think they can actually stop Lesnar.

Reigns, however, has never lost clean to Lesnar in a match like Cena has. He also has the size needed to convince people he has a credible shot at defeating the former MMA star in the ring.

Perhaps more importantly, stopping Lesnar’s reign of terror might be the thing that finally gets Reigns over massively as a babyface and turns him into the star WWE so desperately wants him to be.


OK, so Reigns has performed well over the past few months—and he’s certainly worked hard to justify management’s faith in him. But, come on, does he truly have the momentum and connection with the fans that you would expect a future top star to have? Not really.

Defeating Lesnar, however, would likely give him the boost he needs. And if it took place at next year’s WrestleMania event, it could be a real star-making moment.

Encouragingly, reports (from F4Wonline via WrestlingInc) indicate that people in WWE management are indeed intending to save the Lesnar/Reigns clash until then.

Let’s hope the bookers stick with this plan: Reigns vs. Lesnar is a clash that needs to be saved for the biggest platform available. It can’t just take place on a regular pay-per-view. It’s too important.


Besides, Reigns truly does deserve to end Lesnar’s title run. He’s worked hard over the last two years to become the best big-man worker in the business. He rarely has a bad match, and his bouts regularly steal the show.

He’s also represented the company well outside of the ring; he can likely be a great ambassador for WWE going forward. It helps that he's managed to keep himself out of trouble during his time in the spotlight.

Of course, you could argue that ending Lesnar’s reign won’t be the magic antidote to all of Reigns’ problems. He still has to work on his personality and mic skills and convince the fans to root for him a bit more.

This is a valid point. He should strive to improve.

But being able to do what The Undertaker and Cena couldn’t—stop Lesnar—will surely help him tremendously as he attempts to climb up the career ladder.