Ranking the Top 50 Batsmen in ODI Cricket by Strike Rate

Richard Morgan@Richiereds1976Contributor IAugust 28, 2014

Ranking the Top 50 Batsmen in ODI Cricket by Strike Rate

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    With attention around the globe beginning to focus on next year’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, which gets underway in just six months' time, we rank the Top 50 batsmen in one-day international cricket by their strike rate.

    These are the fastest-scoring players with a minimum of 1,500 runs to their name in the history of the 50-over game.

    All stats courtesy of ESPNCricinfo, correct as of August 25, 2014.

50. Dwayne Bravo (West Indies)

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    160 ODIs; 2,938 runs; 25.77 average; 82.55 strike rate

    West Indies ODI skipper Dwayne Bravo kicks off this list at No. 50 with a strike rate of 82.55 runs per 100 balls during his 160 internationals to date.

    And with the Trinidadian having also hit no fewer than 35 fours during that time, you can understand just why the always-smiling all-rounder is such a key component of his country’s 50-over line-up.

49. Kevin O'Brien (Ireland)

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    77 ODIs; 1,955 runs; 32.58 average; 82.87 strike rate

    Another all-rounder with a penchant for the hitting the ball vast distances, Ireland’s Kevin O'Brien enters the list at 49 after scoring 1,955 runs at an impressive rate of 82.87.

    And, of course, anyone who witnessed the 30-year-old’s record-breaking ton off just 50 balls to help beat England in Bangalore at the 2011 World Cup will not be at all surprised to learn that the well-built middle-order batsman has hit 51 maximums in just 77 ODIs.

48. Ravindra Jadeja (India)

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    101 ODIs; 1,541 runs; 33.50 average; 82.98 strike rate

    India left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja has the 48th-best strike rate in the history of the one-day game, with the moustachioed all-rounder scoring an average of 82.98 runs per 100 balls during his 101 internationals for his country so far.

    Interestingly, however, the 25-year-old is one of just six players on this list never to have made a 50-over hundred, with Jadeja’s highest score to date being 78.

47. Aftab Ahmed (Bangladesh)

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    85 ODIs; 1,954 runs; 24.73 average; 83.04 strike rate

    Diminutive former Bangladesh batsman Aftab Ahmed is in at No. 47 in this Top 50 with an eye-catching strike rate of 83.04—the highest in Tigers' one-day history—during his 85 internationals.

    And despite the fact that the powerful, yet slight, 28-year-old never managed to score a ton during his 10 years representing the subcontinental nation, the player is still the only batsmen from his country to make this list.

46. Justin Kemp (Africa XI and South Africa)

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    85 ODIs; 1,512 runs; 31.50 average; 83.12 strike rate

    Underrated South Africa all-rounder Justin Kemp ended his Proteas 50-over career in 2007 with an excellent strike rate of 83.12 runs per 100 balls.

    And if you throw in the 36-year-old’s impressive haul of 98 fours and 60 sixes during his 85 one-day internationals, then you can see why the middle-order batsman had such a destructive reputation throughout the world in this form of the game.

45. Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa)

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    248 ODIs; 8,094 runs; 36.13 average; 83.26 strike rate

    It is no surprise at all to see the name of the free-scoring South Africa opener in this Top 50, with Herschelle Gibbs having an excellent strike rate of 83.26 during the 248 ODIs that he played for his country between 1996 and 2010.

    However, given that the right-hander also registered 21 one-day centuries during that 14-year period, the 40-year-old has to go down as one of the Proteas’ greatest-ever batsmen in the 50-over game.

44. Jean-Paul Duminy (South Africa)

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    121 ODIs; 3,392 runs; 38.98 average; 83.62 strike rate

    It is something of a shock to see graceful South Africa left-hander Jean-Paul Duminy in this list of the world’s fastest-scoring ODI players, although it’s not only sixes you need in order to have a healthy strike rate—fours will do just nicely, too.

    And with a whopping 214 to his name in his 121 internationals to date, you can see exactly why the middle-order batsman has a healthy career strike rate of 83.62 for the Proteas at present.

43. Kamran Akmal (Pakistan)

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    154 ODIs; 3,168 runs; 26.18 average; 83.83 strike rate

    The first appearance of a wicketkeeper so far in this Top 50, with destructive Pakistan opener Kamran Akmal currently striking at 83.83 runs per 100 balls for his country in ODI cricket.

    And given that the 32-year-old has managed to maintain such a high scoring rate throughout 154 internationals, while also having to contend with both keeping wicket and often opening, the player may even earn a recall for next year’s World Cup.

42. Ian Healy (Australia)

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    168 ODIs; 1,764 runs; 21.00 average; 83.84 strike rate

    No sooner does one wicketkeeper make the list, than another immediately comes along, with Australia stumper Ian Healy a shock entry in this Top 50 after finishing his ODI career in 1997 with a more-than-respectable strike rate of 83.84.

    Interestingly, though, of all the players here, the Queenslander has both the lowest career-best score (56) and the fewest number of fifties (four) from the 168 internationals he played for his country.

41. Chris Gayle (International Cricket Council World XI and West Indies)

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    257 ODIs; 8,804 runs; 37.46 average; 84.12 strike rate

    Chris Gayle made his ODI debut for West Indies 15 years ago next month, during which time the big-hitting opener has scored nearly 9,000 runs at a stunning strike rate of 84.12.

    And while the Jamaican left-hander may have the advantage of batting when—for the most part—the field is up, the 34-year-old also has to contend with always starting his innings against the opposition’s best bowlers armed with a new ball.

40. Angelo Mathews (Sri Lanka)

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    131 ODIs; 2,920 runs; 37.43 average; 84.19 strike rate

    Sri Lanka’s ODI captain Angelo Mathews is at No. 40 on this list with a punishing strike rate of 84.19 from 131 internationals, stretching back to his debut in 2008.

    However, the only blot on the clean-hitting all-rounder’s copybook is a failure to record a 50-over century for his country during that six-year period.

39. Chris Cairns (ICC World XI and New Zealand)

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    215 ODIs; 4,950 runs; 29.46 average; 84.26 strike rate

    Following hot on the heels of Sri Lanka’s maiden entry in the Top 50 comes the first appearance of a New Zealander: big-hitting former all-rounder Chris Cairns.

    The curly-haired right-hander was one of the most destructive batsmen the one-day game has ever seen, with a strike rate of 84.26 in the 215 internationals he played for his country, during which time the 44-year-old hit an eye-catching 345 fours and 153 sixes.

38. Mark Boucher (Africa XI and South Africa)

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    295 ODIs; 4,686 runs; 28.57 average; 84.76 strike rate

    Ever-dependable South Africa wicketkeeper Mark Boucher represented his country in 295 ODIs across a 13-year career, scoring 4,686 runs at an average of 28.57 before being forced to retire with an eye injury.

    And the stumper’s 50-over strike rate of 84.76 leaves the right-handed Proteas batsman down in 38th place in this Top 50 list, which may surprise one or two people.

37. Zaheer Abbas (Pakistan)

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    62 ODIs; 2,572 runs; 47.62 average; 84.80 strike rate

    One of only three players on this list to have played ODI cricket in the 1970s, Pakistan’s Zaheer Abbas actually began his limited-overs career before anyone else in this Top 50, making his debut against England in 1974.

    And the innovative right-handed batsman was way ahead of his time and finished with an impressive strike rate of 84.80 following the 62nd and last one-day appearance for his country in 1985.

36. Marcus Trescothick (England)

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    123 ODIs; 4,335 runs; 37.37 average; 85.21 strike rate

    Marcus Trescothick is the first Englishman to make an appearance in this Top 50, with the big-hitting opener having finished his limited-overs career with an outstanding strike rate of 85.21 runs per 100 balls from his 123 internationals.

    And with a record-breaking 12 ODI centuries also to his name—more than any other player for his country—there is no doubt at all that “Banger” was one of England’s finest-ever batsmen in this form of the game.

35. Gautam Gambhir (India)

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    147 ODIs; 5,238 runs; 39.68 average; 85.25 strike rate

    Ever-consistent opener Gautam Gambhir has been a steadying rock at the top of the order for India in 50-over cricket for over a decade now, during which time the 32-year-old has amassed over 5,000 runs from almost 150 ODIs at a surprisingly high strike rate of 85.25.

    However, with the left-handed batsman not appearing for his country in one-day cricket since January 2013, Gambhir may now struggle to improve those numbers.

34. Tillakaratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka)

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    286 ODIs; 8,409 runs; 37.87 average; 85.62 strike rate

    Idiosyncratic Sri Lanka batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan has been infuriating opposition bowlers since making his ODI bow in 1999, but the opener must be doing something right to have scored a stunning rate of 85.62 runs per 100 balls in the intervening 15-year period.

    When you consider that the 37-year-old has also managed to keep up that ferocious strike rate throughout his 286 internationals to date, you understand just why the player is so highly thought of in the 50-over game.

33. Sachin Tendulkar (India)

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    463 ODIs; 18,426 runs; 44.83 average; 86.23 strike rate

    While some may be surprised to see the leading run scorer in ODI history down in 33rd place on this list after striking at 86.23 runs per 100 balls, it should also be remembered that India’s Sachin Tendulkar has played in more 50-over contests (463) than any other player.

    Therefore, managing to maintain such an eye-catching strike rate across four decades of one-day cricket, during which time the opener broke the record for both the most amount of tons (49) and fifties (96), is actually a phenomenal achievement by the Little Master.

32. Kevin Pietersen (ICC and England)

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    136 ODIs; 4,440 runs; 40.73 average; 86.58 strike rate

    No surprise at all to see destructive former England batman Kevin Pietersen make an appearance in this list, with the 34-year-old having departed the ODI scene this time last year with a strike rate of 86.58.

    And with the South Africa-born right-hander having also hit the small matter of 77 maximums during his 136 international appearances for his adopted country, it is not hard to see why the player has one of the highest one-day scoring rates of any Englishman.

31. Jacob Oram (New Zealand)

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    160 ODIs; 2,434 runs; 24.09 average; 86.61 strike rate

    To say that New Zealand all-rounder Jacob Oram could hit the ball a long way would be a massive understatement, as demonstrated by the player’s devastating strike rate of 86.61 runs per 100 balls during his 160-appearance ODI career for the Black Caps.

    As a result, it is no great shock to discover that the Kiwis have struggled to replace the 36-year-old’s power in the middle order since his last one-day appearance for his country back in November 2012.

30. Shaun Pollock (Africa XI, ICC World XI and South Africa)

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    303 ODIs; 3,519 runs; 26.45 average; 86.69 strike rate

    While many will best remember South Africa all-rounder Shaun Pollock for the parsimonious nature of his bowling in the one-day game, it should not be forgotten that the player could also bat a bit.

    In fact, the 41-year-old could do more than just hold a bat, as a deceptively high strike rate of 86.69 during his 300-plus ODI appearances for the Proteas between 1996 and 2008 attests, with Pollock also not out 72 times during that period—more than anyone else on this list.

29. Eoin Morgan (England and Ireland)

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    119 ODIs; 3,551 runs; 39.02 average; 86.92 strike rate

    Eoin Morgan has produced some of the cleanest hitting of a cricket ball that the game has ever seen during his eight-year ODI career to date for both Ireland and England, with the pugnacious left-hander striking at a ferocious rate of 86.92 runs per 100 balls.

    And given that the ginger-haired middle-order batsman is also averaging nearly 40 with the bat during his 119 one-day games so far for both nations, the player must currently be considered one of the most dangerous there is in the 50-over game.

28. Mike Hussey (Australia)

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    185 ODIs; 5,442 runs; 48.15 average; 87.16 strike rate

    Australia left-hander Mike Hussey has been one of the most dynamic and effective batsmen of the modern one-day era, having scored a remarkable 5,442 runs at a stunning average of almost 50 and strike rate approaching 90 during his 185 internationals.

    Consequently, there really could not have been many better middle-order “finishers” in the 50-over game during the last decade than “Mr. Cricket”.

27. Umar Akmal (Pakistan)

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    95 ODIs; 2638 runs; 38.23 average; 87.23 strike rate

    Pocket-sized Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal may be small in stature, but boy can the right-hander hit the ball great distances, as reflected in the youngster’s current one-day career strike rate of 87.23 runs per 100 balls during his 95 internationals.

    And as part of only two sets of brothers in this 50-man list, one wonders what the Akmals, Kamran and Umar, were fed while growing up in Lahore?

26. Yuvraj Singh (Asia XI and India)

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    293 ODIs; 8,329 runs; 36.37 average; 87.24 strike rate

    India’s Yuvraj Singh has undoubtedly been one of the most destructive one-day batsmen in the world since the turn of the century, during which time the left-hander has accumulated over 8,000 runs at a fearsome strike rate of 87.24.

    And with 13 tons and 51 fifties to his name as well in 293 internationals, even if Yuvi has now played his final 50-over contest at the age of 32—after not featuring for his country so far in 2014—the all-rounder will still go down as one of the all-time great ODI players.

25. Ryan ten Doeschate (Netherlands)

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    33 ODIs; 1,541 runs; 67.00 average; 87.70 strike rate

    All-rounder Ryan ten Doeschate is the first—and only—Dutchman to make an appearance in this Top 50 after ending his Netherlands one-day career in 2011 with an imperious strike rate of 87.70 runs per 100 balls.

    And while the South Africa-born batsman may have featured in the fewest number of internationals—33—of any player on the list, the 34-year-old’s final ODI average of 67 is higher than any of his rivals.

24. Wasim Akram (Pakistan)

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    356 ODIs; 3,717 runs; 16.52 average; 88.33 strike rate

    While left-arm paceman Wasim Akram was one of the greatest one-day bowlers of the past 30 years, it should also not be forgotten that the former Pakistan captain was quite handy with the bat too.

    But it was more the speed at which the all-rounder scored than the actual volume of runs he made—the left-hander’s 16.52 average is the lowest of any player on the list—that saw him finish his almost 20-year ODI career with an eye-catching strike rate of 88.33.

23. Andrew Flintoff (England and ICC)

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    141 ODIs; 3,394 runs; 32.01 average; 88.82 strike rate

    All-rounder Andrew Flintoff is the highest-ranked Englishman at No. 23 in this 50-man list after ending his 10-year one-day career for his country with a strike rate of 88.82 runs per 100 balls in 2009.

    And given that “Freddie” also deposited 308 fours and 93 sixes over the boundary during the course of 141 internationals, it is not hard to understand just why the 36-year-old will go down as one of the most powerful batsmen the ODI game has ever seen.

22. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Asia XI and India)

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    243 ODIs; 8,046 runs; 53.28 average; 89.24 strike rate

    To be able to captain, keep wicket and be your country’s “finisher” at the death, all the while striking at a rate of very nearly 90 runs per 100 balls, says all you need to really know about MS Dhoni’s importance to India in ODI cricket during the past decade.

    And with the highest average (53.28) of any player on this list who has featured in more than 100 internationals, the 33-year-old must now be considered one of the best batsmen in the history of one-day cricket.

21. Shikhar Dhawan (India)

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    39 ODIs; 1,504 runs; 41.77 average; 89.52 strike rate

    Scientists often talk of a small sample size, which they would no doubt use to explain the appearance of relatively new India opener Shikhar Dhawan at No. 21 on this list, after the dashing left-hander began his ODI career with a breathtaking strike rate of 89.52.

    However, with the batsman having only just reached the minimum requirement of 1,500 runs since making his one-day debut four years ago, the jury is still out as far as the moustachioed 28-year-old is concerned.

20. Virat Kohli (India)

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    134 ODIs; 5,634 runs; 52.16 average; 89.87 strike rate

    It is not hard to see just why India’s Virat Kohli is currently ranked the third-best batsmen in the one-day game by the ICC after accumulating 5,634 runs at an average of 52.16 in his 134 internationals.

    However, it is the fact that 25-year-old has been able to score such a mountain of runs at a stupendous strike rate of 89.87 that really sets the player apart from the many of his rivals on this list.

19. Lance Klusener (South Africa)

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    171 ODIs; 3,576 runs; 41.10 average; 89.91 strike rate

    During his eight-year ODI career, South Africa all-rounder Lance Klusener put the fear of God into opposition bowlers with his ability to take the game away from them in an instant with his destructive late-order hitting.

    So much so that when “Zulu”, as he was known, played his 171st and final international for the Proteas in 2004, the unorthodox left-handed batsman finished with a truly remarkable strike rate of 89.91.

18. Hashim Amla (South Africa)

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    90 ODIs; 4,449 runs; 55.61 average; 90.00 strike rate

    Incredibly, the first player in this Top 50 to have a ODI career strike rate of 90 or more also happens to be one of the least brutal of any on the list, which says a lot about how elegant South African Hashim Amla has gone about compiling almost 4,500 one-day runs since 2008.

    And that’s with 434 fours in just 90 internationals to date, rather than using the long handle that many of his more powerful rivals on this list favour, while at the same time maintaining a stunning average (55.61) that befits the world’s current No. 1-ranked 50-over batsman.

17. Shane Watson (Australia)

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    173 ODIs; 5,256 runs; 41.06 average; 90.20 strike rate

    Australia’s Shane Watson is one of the most feared ODI openers in the world at present, with the 33-year-old batsman capable of playing match-winning knocks at a fearsome rate of 90.20 runs per 100 balls.

    And what makes the right-hander such a dangerous player is that he tends to make big scores, with the Queenslander having registered nine tons and 30 fifties in 173 internationals—including a career-best 185 not out—since his one-day debut in 2002.

16. Viv Richards (West Indies)

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    187 ODIs; 6,721 runs; 47.00 average; 90.20 strike rate

    Another of the small number of players in this Top 50 to have played ODI cricket in each of its first three decades following its debut in January 1971, Viv Richards featured in 187 internationals for his country after making his own 50-over bow almost 40 years ago.

    And for the West Indies captain to have managed a strike rate of over 90 runs per 100 balls, during an era when scoring at such a pace was virtually unheard of, confirms that the fearsome batsman would not look out of place in the one-day game today.

15. David Hussey (Australia)

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    69 ODIs; 1,796 runs; 32.65 average; 90.70 strike rate

    Australia’s David Hussey completes the second set of brothers to make the Top 50, after Kamran and Umar Akmal, with the Western Australian for once managing to surpass elder sibling Mike with a strike rate of 90.70 during his 69-game ODI career for his country.

    And with an impressive haul of 30 maximums to his name during that time, it is not hard to see why the Aussie has the 15th-highest scoring rate of any batsman in one-day history.

14. Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)

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    229 ODIs; 5,172 runs; 30.24 average; 90.80 strike rate

    New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum is feared throughout the world for his ability to take apart even the very best bowling attacks, pace or spin, in the one-day game.

    And with the highest ODI strike rate (90.80) of any Kiwi player, it is easy to understand why, in many people’s opinion, the some-time wicketkeeper is now, at the age of 32, the most destructive batsmen on the planet in this form of cricket.

13. George Bailey (Australia)

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    40 ODIs; 1,661 runs; 51.90 average; 91.11 strike rate

    While it may again be a small sample size helping to propel Australia’s George Bailey into the higher echelons of this list, anyone who has watched the limited-overs specialist in action during the past two years can testify to the player’s immense ball-striking ability.

    Not only that, the middle-order batsman has also recorded the joint-fewest number of ducks (one)—alongside Netherlands’ Ten Doeschate—of any player in the Top 50.

12. Sanath Jayasuriya (Asia XI and Sri Lanka)

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    445 ODIs; 13,430 runs; 32.36 average; 91.20 strike rate

    It seems appropriate that Sanath Jayasuriya, one of the men who really changed the face of modern ODI batting with the explosive manner in which the opener got his country’s innings off to such a flying start, should be the highest-ranked Sri Lankan in this list.

    For the record—not that the left-hander himself much cared for such things—the player ended his 50-over career in 2011 with both a strike rate of 91.20 during his 445 international appearances, as well as 34 ducks—more than any of his rivals here.

11. Suresh Raina (India)

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    192 ODIs; 4,663 runs; 35.32 average; 91.61 strike rate

    Is it any wonder that India’s selectors have preserved with Suresh Raina in their middle order for so long, with the left-handed batsman having scored at an unbelievable rate of 91.61 runs per 100 balls since making his ODI debut nine years ago?

    And as England’s bowlers may soon discover in their upcoming one-day series against the tourists, the 27-year-old has the six-hitting ability to take a game away from you in the blink of an eye.

10. Andrew Symonds (Australia)

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    198 ODIs; 5,088 runs; 39.75 average; 92.44 strike rate

    Kicking off our Top 10 fastest-scoring ODI batsmen is Australia’s Andrew Symonds, with the big-hitting all-rounder having smashed just over 5,000 runs in almost 200 internationals for his country between 1998 and 2009 at a blistering strike rate of 92.44.

    In his nine-year one-day career, during which the 39-year-old won back-to-back World Cups, Symonds hit an incredible 449 fours and 103 sixes.

9. Paul Stirling (Ireland)

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    47 ODIs; 1,662 runs; 36.13 average; 94.05 strike rate

    Muscular Ireland opener Paul Stirling is a shock entry at No. 9 in this Top 50 with a current career strike rate of 94.05 runs per 100 balls during his 47 ODIs for his country to date.

    However, the 23-year-old is also the batsman with the fewest number of not outs—just the one so far since making his one-day debut six years ago—of any player on this list.

8. AB de Villiers (Africa and South Africa)

43 of 50

    164 ODIs; 6565 runs; 49.36 average; 94.54 strike rate

    South Africa ODI skipper AB de Villiers is his country’s highest-ranked batsmen on this list with a truly remarkable strike rate of 94.54 during his 164 internationals to date.

    And what makes the 30-year-old’s statistics even more eye-catching are that the Proteas captain, who is also currently the No. 2-ranked batsmen in 50-over cricket, has also had to contend with the exertions of keeping wicket throughout much of his nine-year career.

7. Kapil Dev (India)

44 of 50

    225 ODIs; 3,783 runs; 23.79 average; 95.07 strike rate

    One of only three batsmen on this list to have played ODI cricket in the 1970s­—the others being Zaheer and Richards—ex-India skipper Kapil Dev is ranked at No. 7 in the Top 50 after ending his one-day career in 1994 with a strike rate of 95.07 runs per 100 balls.

    Bearing in mind the all-rounder also had to open the bowling and captain his country during most of his 225 internationals, including India’s 1983 World Cup final win, the player’s 50-over scoring rate across a 16-year period is even more impressive.

6. Kieron Pollard (West Indies)

45 of 50

    88 ODIs; 1,994 runs; 25.56 average; 95.17 strike rate

    West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard is currently one of the most devastating “finishers” in one-day international cricket with a truly terrifying strike rate of 95.17 during his seven-year 50-over career to date.

    And given that the Trinidadian right-handed batsman has clobbered the small matter of 94 maximums so far in only 88 ODIs for his country, you can see why the well-built player very nearly scores at a run a ball in this short form of the game.

5. Ricardo Powell (West Indies)

46 of 50

    109 ODIs; 2,085 runs; 24.82 average; 96.66 strike rate

    One of three West Indians in the Top 10—the only country able to make such a claim—middle-order batsman Ricardo Powell played in over 100 ODIs for the men from the Caribbean between 1999 and 2005, scoring at a rate of 96.66 runs per 100 balls.

    And while the big-hitting Jamaican right-hander only ever managed to score one century during his 50-over career, it should come as no real surprise that it was an explosive effort of 124 from just 93 deliveries against India in Singapore.

4. Adam Gilchrist (Australia and ICC XI)

47 of 50

    287 ODIs; 9,619 runs; 35.89 average; 96.94 strike rate

    Australia opener Adam Gilchrist is the highest-placed wicketkeeper in this list thanks to a stunning strike rate of 96.94 during his run-laden 12-year ODI career—the highest in his country’s history.

    And given that no other player in the Top 10 has accumulated more than the left-hander’s almost 10,000 one-day runs during his 287 internationals, then it is not hard to understand why the term “wicketkeeper-batsman” was invented for the stumper.

3. Darren Sammy (West Indies)

48 of 50

    112 ODIs; 1,560 runs; 24.00 average; 101.49 strike rate

    Former West Indies ODI captain Darren Sammy is the first player in this Top 50 with a strike rate better than a run a ball, with the unorthodox all-rounder currently scoring a 101.49 runs per 100 deliveries for his country in one-day cricket.

    And that means that the ever-smiling 30-year-old also has the distinction of being the highest-placed batsman in this list from the islands of the Caribbean.

2. Virender Sehwag (Asia XI, ICC XI and India)

49 of 50

    251 ODIs; 8,273 runs; 35.05 average; 104.33 strike rate

    On and off over the past 15 years, pint-sized India opener Virender Sehwag has brought new meaning to the phrase “free-scoring batsman” by plundering his way to more than 8,000 one-day runs at a lethal strike rate of 104.33—the best of any other player from his country.

    But it’s one knock in particular from the 35-year-old right-hander’s 251 internationals that lives long in the memory: Sehwag's 219 from just 149 balls against West Indies in Indore in 2011—the highest score in ODI history—including 25 fours and seven sixes.

1. Shahid Afridi (Asia XI, ICC XI and Pakistan)

50 of 50

    380 ODIs; 7,650 runs; 23.46 average; 115.73 strike rate

    The fastest-scoring batsman in ODI history by quite some margin is none other than Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi, with the all-rounder currently possessing a truly astonishing strike rate of 115.73 runs per 100 balls since making his one-day debut for his country in 1996.

    And just for the record, the big-hitting 34-year-old from the Khyber Agency has also managed to hit a mind-boggling 688 boundary fours and an even more remarkable 333 sixes in his 380 international appearances stretching back eight years, with more to come.