John Cena Should Not Regain WWE Title at Night of Champions

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 26, 2014


One thing is for sure: At the Night of Champions pay-per-view next month, Vince McMahon must resist the urge to put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back on John Cena.

He must allow Brock Lesnar to retain the belt.

It's easy to see why Cena winning at the pay-per-view would be an appealing option to the bookers.

Unlike Lesnar, he's a full-time performer who can appear on every episode of Raw and at house shows. You don't have to write around his absences.

People in WWE management may also be concerned that they made the star look too weak and vulnerable at SummerSlam when he lost the belt; they could see giving him back the title as a way to build up his credibility with fans again.


However, booking Lesnar to lose at Night of Champions would be a major error on McMahon's part, something he has to recognize.

For one thing, the company has too much invested in the former MMA fighter to abandon his title run one month into it. He shocked the world and ended The Undertaker's famous WrestleMania streak in April. He badly squashed Cena at SummerSlam in one of the most one-sided WWE main events ever.

He's generally been booked as one of the scariest and most dominant heels in wrestling history.


To script Lesnar's title reign to end at Night of Champions after only a few weeks would damage the credibility the writers have spent so long building up. It would be a disaster that would squander all of his momentum. He'd be right back at square one.

It would also make SummerSlam—one of the few important pay-per-views that the company has left—look unimportant.

Outraged fans many ask, "What was the point of doing a big title change on the show if you were just going to undo it soon after?" Maybe they won’t see the point in investing themselves in any other SummerSlam main event in the future.


This is the last thing the company needs at a time when its pay-per-view events are already steadily falling into irrelevance.

Besides, does the world need to see the 45th Cena title run? Not really. Let's be honest: He has held that belt so many times that it has ceased to matter.

He doesn't need the title to get or stay over—Lesnar does.

There are also fresher storyline opportunities for Lesnar as champion. There's a potential feud with Roman Reigns in the future—the monster heel vs. the monster babyface—as well as a possible babyface turn and feud with Seth Rollins and The Authority, since booking Lesnar as a good guy remains a compelling option.

Let’s hope WWE isn’t seriously considering switching the belt back to Cena at Night of Champions. It would be a colossal booking error, one the company would surely struggle to recover from in the future.