Prince Hits Walk-Off Winner in Home Run Derby

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

And he untucks for the St. Louis crowd.

Prince Fielder started strong and did not fade as he beat hometown favorite Albert Pujols and St. Louis native Ryan Howard on the way to a victory in the finals over former Brewer Nelson Cruz.

Fielder totaled 23 home runs for the victory, the first ever by a Milwaukee Brewer. He hit 11 home runs in the first round (tied with Cruz for the lead) and six home runs in the second round (second behind Howard’s eight in that round). In the final round, Prince locked up the competition with his sixth home run with three outs to spare.

Late in the competition, ESPN flashed a graphic that showed Prince had four out of the five longest home runs in the competition including the top three. His longest home run was 503 feet.

Overall, the competition was way too long, like usual, but it was worth the wait to see Fielder take the crown.

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