USA Vs Uraguay: Time For USA Rugby to Step-Up

Matt ManleyContributor IJuly 14, 2009

After giving my thoughts on Rugby Canada's failure to televise the second match in the Rugby World Cup Qualifier, my thoughts turned to USA Rugby and how that too could let us down.

The matches against Uruguay need to be on television. Period. No excuses, now make it happen USA Rugby! Regardless of what we feel about the match up with Uruguay, its lack of emotional attachment, the symbolic failure against Canada, etc.; it is chance to showcase rugby to US audiences.

Summertime in America is a slow sporting time of year. Between the Tour-de-Snore and baseball, sports fans are bored. We need to give them something to watch! Games against Uruguay are usually pretty high-scoring affairs, which is what people want to see when they watch a sport. People won't care why we are playing the match. It will just be something new to watch.

Oh, and while we are at it, never play that "I'm a rugby ball" spot ever again. That is a huge turn-off. Who are we selling rugby to? Soccer moms? Please, rugby is not a cute sport, so please don't sugar coat it with overly simplistic themes and catch phrases.