It's Donaire's Time To Overtake Darchinyan

victorCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2009

With the recent shortcoming of Vic Darchinyan against Joseph Agbeko on Darchinyan's first bid into the Bantamweight Division, Nonito Donaire is poised to overtake and break free from Darchinyan's shadows.


Donaire had been Darchinyan's only loss and knockout prior to Agbeko, but apparently, Darchinyan had stepped up in the ring and accomplished more than Donaire with his division hopping conquest.


The plan was perfect at the start (Darchinyan's constant weight ascent), leaving Donaire as a mere speck on Darchinyan's windshield, until Agbeko stopped him like a boulder in the middle of the road.


It's worthy to note that before the fight, Darchinyan had been very vocal about retiring Donaire even though he's posed to fight Agbeko. Big mistake in looking past Agbeko and it turned out however, that Darchinyan will be back to square one, and is seemingly in dire need of Donaire to re-boost his career.


It would be smarter for Donaire to snub Darchinyan and let go of their rivalry and aim farther in the Bantamweight Division. Donaire has the built that can accomodate more weight and should he conquer Agbeko, he'd be miles and miles away from Darchinyan.


Should he go past Rafael Concepcion, Donaire can challenge for Fernando Montiel before aiming for Agbeko and finally issuing a challenge to The Ring Magazine's rated number one Bantamweight - Hozumi Hasegawa.