Report: Bad News Barrett to Return to the Ring on WWE European Tour

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIAugust 25, 2014

It's been several months since we saw Bad News Barrett on WWE television. The powerhouse, trash-talking Brit has battled injuries for the last few years, halting his momentum each time WWE has appeared ready to give him a dedicated push.

Now, it looks like Barrett may be on his way back to the ring, as he is being promoted for the company's November European tour, per PWInsider (h/t Wrestling Inc).

Barrett has shown great potential since debuting with the main roster as the leader of the Nexus. He was the voice and top contender of the group, which consisted of WWE developmental talents fresh off the first season of NXT when it was a bizarre variety show. 

Barrett has main evented shows, he was considered as a WrestleMania opponent for The Undertaker and a presumed WWE title run at one point seemed inevitable. With a series of injuries hampering him every few months, Barrett has been unable to gain traction and has just had a few runs in the midcard title scene.

His catchphrase—"I'm sorry; I've got some bad news"—caught on after weekly live promos on Raw. The addition of the Bull Hammer elbow rounded out a solid offensive move set that he had learned to pace effectively in short and long matches. Before his most recent injury, the crowd was in the process of turning him face despite WWE's efforts to make him a heel Intercontinental champion. 

Barrett was stripped of the belt after sustaining the injury early this summer. It would make sense for him to challenge for the title upon his return. While the advertisement for the European tour makes sense with him being, well, European, I hope to see him back in the ring sooner than later.

The idea of a returning Barrett challenging current IC champion Dolph Ziggler could make for some great matches. Ziggler's big bumps with Barrett's hard-hitting style would complement each other well. If given time, they would turn in regular match-of-the-night contenders.