2014 BWF World Championships Results: Daily Scores, Updated Bracket and Schedule

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2014 BWF World Championships Results: Daily Scores, Updated Bracket and Schedule
Jens Dresling/Associated Press

The 2014 BWF World Championships features the top badminton action of the year, and this year's most talented players and teams head to Copenhagen, Denmark, to compete in the games.

Starting on August 25, play runs through the end of the month and champions will be crowned on August 31. Denmark is hosting the event for the fourth time, and around 400 players from five different continents will be featured, per BWFBadminton.org

Save for the Olympics, the BWF World Championships is where the best badminton on the planet can be seen. Enthusiasts and experts of the sport will fill the 9,200-seat Ballerup Super Arena in anticipation for the action.

Take a look below for updated results and recap of the action from Copenhagen.

Jens Dresling/Associated Press

Brackets, via BWF official site

Complete and updated brackets for men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles are available here.

Full Day 7 Results

Day 7 BWF World Championship Results
Men's Singles: Results Score
No. 2 Long Chen def. No. 1 Chong Wei Lee 21-19, 21-19
Women's Singles: Results Score
No. 9 Carolina Marin def. No. 1 Xuerui Li 17-21, 21-17, 21-18


Notable Day 7 Outcomes

No. 2 Long Chen Tops No. 1 Chong Wei Lee, 21-19, 21-19

Long Chen knew that Chong Wei Lee wasn't unbeatable heading into the finals of the BWF championship, via The Rakyat Post: "I will try to beat him (Chong Wei), but personally, I believe he is not an unbeatable player as I’ve have met him several times before."

Long Chen got the best of Chong Wei Lee, winning 21-19, 21-19. It was a tightly contested match by both competitors, but Chong Wei Lee simply didn't have enough to take down his opponent.

Long Chen was right—his opponent was beatable. Now the world champion, Long Chen likely won't be taken lightly in the following year's events.

No. 9 Carolina Marin Tops No. 1 Xuerui Li, 17-21, 21-17, 21-18

In what could be considered the biggest upset of the tournament, Spain's Carolina Marin—the No. 9 player in the world—took down Olympic champion Xuerui Li to win the championship.

The match featured both power and finesse, but Marin was best on this day. She becomes the first European women's champion since Denmark's Camilla Martin in 1999.

The 21-year-old dropped the opening game before coming back to win. 

Full Day 6 Results

Day 6 BWF World Championships Results
Men's Singles: Results Score
No. 1 Chong Wei Lee def. No. 14 Viktor Axelsen 21-9, 21-7
No. 2 Long Chen def. No. 5 Tommy Suglarto 21-16, 22-20
Women's Singles: Results Score
No. 1 Xuerui Li def. No. 16 Minatsu Mitani 21-8, 21-14
No. 9 Carolina Marin def. No. 11 Sindhu P.V. 21-17, 21-15


Notable Day 6 Outcomes

No. 1 Xuerui Li Tops No. 16 Minatsu Mitani, 21-8, 21-14

Top seeded Xuerui Li has remained a constant in the women's side of the bracket despite most of the top seeds falling all around her, so it's only fitting that she'll compete in the final. Li beat Minatsu Mitani, 21-8, 21-14 to advance.

The 16th seed was in over her head from the start, when Li was able to jump out to a quick lead behind her strong power and swift accuracy. After taking a strong grip of the match with a 21-18 first-set win, she wrapped up the second and final set in no time.

With most of the top seeds gone, Li won't face a No. 2 or 3 seed in the final. Instead, she faces ninth-seeded Caroline Marin, who has become one of the stories of the BWF World Championships thus far. 

No. 2 Long Chen Beats No. 5 Tommy Suglarto, 21-16, 22-20

While many of the women's top seeds fell, that wasn't the case on the men's side. Long Chen and Tommy Suglarto were two high seeds fighting for a spot in the final on Saturday, but it was Chen who prevailed in two long sets.

It was apparent early on that it would be a dog fight to claim a finals spot. The first set went back and forth, but Chen mounted a strong rally to take the one-set lead. In the second set, Suglarto just wouldn't go away and extended it to extra time before Chen put it away in straight sets.

The battles only get tougher for Chen. The No. 2 seed will move on to face top-seeded Lee Chong Wei for the gold medal. 

Full Day 5 Results

Day 5 BWF World Championships Results
Men's Singles: Results Score
No. 5 Tommy Sugiarto def. Eric Pang 22-20, 21-19
No. 1 Chong Wei Lee def. No. 6 Zhengming Wang 21-8, 21-11
No. 2 Long Chen def. No. 7 Wan Ho Son 21-14, 12-21, 21-17
No. 14 Viktor Axelsen def. Tien Chen Chou 21-14, 21-14
Women's Singles: Results Score
No. 1 Xuerui Li def. No. 7 Saina Nehwal 21-15, 21-15
No. 11 Sindhu P. V. def. No. 2 Shixian Wang 19-21, 21-19, 21-15
No. 9 Carolina Marin def. No. 8 Tzu Ying Tai 19-21, 21-19, 21-11
No. 16 Minatsu Mitani def. No. 5 Ji Hyun Sung 9-21, 21-18, 22-20


Notable Day 5 Outcomes

No. 1 Chong Wei Lee Dominates No. 6 Zhengming Wang, 21-8, 21-11

Jens Dresling/Associated Press

Chong Wei Lee has reaffirmed why he's the tournament's top-ranked player time and time again. He continued that trend on Friday, defeating No. 6 Zhengming Wang in consecutive games.

Wang was the first ranked opponent Chong Wei faced in Denmark. He dominated his first three opponents, never giving up more than 12 points in any single game. That streak continued for at least another day due to a brilliant performance against the sixth seed.

Chong Wei only gave up 19 points and allowed a maximum point streak of three to his opponent on Friday. Meanwhile, he notched two games points while winning 42 total points and obtaining a streak of eight during the match.

He certainly seems unstoppable at this point; however, as the field narrows, only the event's most talented athletes remain. We'll find out soon if Chong Wei can continue his prowess against very strong competition going forward.

No. 1 Xuerui Li Defeats No. 7 Saina Nehwal, 21-15, 21-15

Jens Dresling/Associated Press

Friday brought an equal amount of dominance on the women's side, as No. 1 Xuerui Li defeated No. 7 Saina Nehwal with ease. Xuerui was tested a bit more than she was in her two previous matches—this one totaled 45 minutes while the others were 37 and 27 minutes, respectively.

BWFScore tweeted the final match results:

Still, she only allowed 30 points and limited her opponent to a maximum point streak of four due to some impeccable defense. During the match, Xuerui collected her 42 points while achieving a point streak of five and taking three game points.

Through three matches, she has now won 126 points and given up 86 for a winning point percentage of 59.4. She only appears to be showing more dominance as the final draws closer, and that's not a good sign for her competitors.

Full Day 4 Results

Day 4 BWF World Championships Results
Men's Singles: Results Score
No. 1 Chong Wei Lee def. Scott Evans 21-11, 21-12
Tien Chen Chou def. Jan O Jorgensen 21-9, 9-4 (retired)
No. 5 Tommy Sugiarto def. No. 9 Yun Hu 21-10, 21-11
No. 2 Long Chen def. Srikanth K. 21-12, 21-10
No. 14 Viktor Axelsen def. Tien Minh Nguyen 21-16, 21-17
No. 7 Wan Ho Son def. No. 10 Hans-Kristian Vittinghus 21-19, 21-12
No. 6 Zhengming Wang def. Nan Wei 21-15, 21-18
Eric Pang def. Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk 19-21, 21-18, 21-16
Women's Singles: Results Score
No. 7 Saina Nahwal def. No. 13 Sayaka Takahashi 14-21, 21-18, 21-12
No. 16 Minatsu Mitani def. No. 4 Ratchanok Intanon 8-21, 21-12, 21-18
No. 11 Sindhu P. V. def. No. 6 Yeon Ju Bae 19-21, 22-20, 25-23
No. 2 Shixian Wang def. Thi Trang Vu 21-12, 21-7
No. 9 Carolina Marin def. No. 3 Yihan Wang 21-9, 21-12
No. 1 Xuerui Li def. No. 12 Li Han 21-9, 21-17
No. 8 Tzu Ying Tai def. Michelle Li 21-16, 21-11
No. 5 Ji Hyun Sung def. Lindaweni Fanetri 21-10, 21-16


Notable Day 4 Outcomes

No. 1 Chong Wei Lee Breezes Past Scott Evans, 21-11, 21-12

Jens Dresling/Associated Press

It only took 36 minutes for Chong Wei to establish his dominance once again on the men's side. Evans was easily ousted from tournament action after winning just 23 points through two games.

The world No. 1 took four game points while allowing none to his opponent while reaching an impressive streak of 11 consecutive points along the way.

Chong Wei has now won three matches in Denmark without dropping a single game. In fact, Evans' 12 points in Thursday's second game was the most the No. 1 seed has allowed so far in tournament play.

While these wins have been impressive, Chong Wei will face his most difficult challenge yet on Friday, as he is set to square off against No. 6 Zhengming Wang.

No. 9 Carolina Marin Upsets No. 3 Yihan Wang, 21-9, 21-12

There were several upsets on the women's side on Thursday; however, none caused more of a stir than the defeat of No. 3 seed Yihan Wang by No. 9 Carolina Marin.

Not only did Marin defeat Wang, but she did so in impressive fashion. The Spaniard won in consecutive games, allowing just 21 points to her higher-ranked opponent, recording a high streak of seven consecutive points and allowing a streak of just five.

BWFScore tweeted the improbable result:

The win comes as a bigger surprise given the history of these two athletes. In two previous meetings, Wang has emerged victorious—her last earlier this year by a decisive score of 21-13, 21-12.

Marin certainly turned the tables this time around.

With the win, the No. 9 seed moves on to face No. 8 Tzu Ying Tai on Friday. Another upset is necessary to continue for Marin, but anything is possible given the stellar form she displayed on Day 4 of the tournament.

Full Day 3 Results

Day 3 BWF World Championships Results
Men's Singles: Result Score
Scott Evans def. David Obernosterer 21-7, 21-18
No. 3 Jan O. Jorgensen def. Eetu Heino 21-9, 21-17
No. 9 Yun Hu def. Ville Lang 17-21, 21-15, 21-17
No. 7 Wan Ho Son def. Sattawat Pongnairat 21-6, 21-12
No. 6 Zhengming Wang def. Petr Koukal 21-15, 19-21, 21-7
No. 10 Hans-Kristian Vittinghus def. Yuhan Tan 21-18, 21-15
Nan Wei def. Dinuka Karunaratna 19-21, 21-16, 21-13
No. 2 Long Chen def. Marc Zwiebler 21-11, 21-10
No. 1 Chong Wei Lee def. Dieter Domke 21-12, 21-9
No. 5 Tommy Sugiarto def. Vladimir Malkov 21-16, 21-13
Tien Chen Chou def. No. 15 Sho Sasaki 21-16, 21-19
No. 14 Viktor Axelsen def. Erik Meijs 21-9, 21-10
Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk def. Ajay Jayaram 21-17, 21-14
Srikanth K. def. Rajiv Ouseph 21-18, 21-13
Tien Minh Nguyen def. Pablo Abian 21-7, 19-21, 21-10
Eric Pang def. No. 11 Houwei Tian 21-15, 21-16
Women's Singles: Result Score
Michelle Li def. No. 10 Porntip Buranaprasertsuk 20-22, 21-18, 21-11
No. 8 Tzu Ying Tai def. Bellaetrix Manuputty 21-12, 21-14
No. 3 Yihan Wang def. Anna Thea Madsen 21-13, 21-13
No. 11 Sindhu P.V. def. Olga Golovanova 21-12, 21-17
No. 6 Yeon Ju Bae def. Karin Schnaase 21-18, 21-14
Thi Trang Vu def. No. 15 Eriko Hirose Walkover
No. 2 Shixian Wang def. Pui Yin Yip 21-15, 21-18
No. 9 Carolina Marin def. Jing Yi Tee 21-18, 16-21, 21-10


Notable Day 3 Outcomes

Michelle Li Triumphs Over No. 10 Porntip Buranaprasertsuk, 20-22 21-18 21-11

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It wasn't easy and it certainly wasn't pretty, but Michelle Li pulled through to defeat Porntip Buranaprasertsuk. The underdog put the entire field on notice with a rousing win over the No. 10 seed.

The Canadian spoke about her performance following the match, per Gayle Alleyne & Richard Eaton of bwfbadminton.org:

“She was hitting a lot of winners in the first game,” Li explained. “I wanted to prevent her attacking so much, and knew I had a better chance if I kept the shuttle flat.”

After winning the gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Li is clearly a rising star in the sport. The 22-year-old advances in a deep field, but could be putting every other player on upset alert moving forward.

No. 1 Lee Chong Wei Smashes Dieter Domke, 21-12 21-9

DRESLING JENS/Associated Press

While Li was able to shake up the women's draw, there were no huge upsets on the men's side.

Two seeded players outside of the top 10 were taken down, but it was the No. 1 seed who made the most noise. Lee Chong Wei easily ousted Dieter Domke in straight sets without allowing his opponent to score more than 12 points in either set.

Chong Wei rolled through the 7'0" player, but Domke still came away happy to match up with the opponent. Prior to the round, Domke referenced his opponent's place in history, per Rajes Paul of The Star:

"Chong Wei and Lin Dan are the best players ever," Domke said. "I’m just thrilled to have the opportunity to play against him."

Maybe it wasn't all bad for the German player, but the result was a predictable one. As the 31-year-old No. 1 seed continues to roll after a groin injury, expect a late run from the top player.

Full Day 2 Results

Day 2 BWF World Championships Results
Men's Singles: Result Score
Sattawat Pongnairat def. Jacob Maliekal 21-16, 21-16
Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk def. Kieran Merrilees 21-16, 21-17
Vladimir Malkov def. Dmytro Zavadsky 21-6, 21-13
No. 9 Yun Hu def. Alex Yuwan Tjong 21-15, 21-17
Marc Zwiebler def. Niluka Karunaratne 21-18, 21-11
No. 2 Long Chen def. Luka Wraber 21-8, 21-10
No. 5 Tommy Sugiarto def. Zi Liang Derek Wong 21-12, 21-14
No. 7 Wan Ho Son def. Brice Leverdez 20-22, 21-12, 21-19
Srikanth K. def. Iztok Utrosa 21-11, 11-21, 21-12
Ville Lang def. Misha Zilberman 11-21, 21-14, 21-14
Rajiv Ouseph def. No. 16 Wei Feng Chong 17-21, 24-22, 21-16
Ajay Jayaram def. No. 4 Kenichi Tago Walkover
Eric Pang def. Mathias Borg 21-11, 21-8
No. 11 Houwei Tian def. Takuma Ueda 21-16, 12-21, 21-14
No. 10 Hans-Kristian Vittinghus def. Jen Hao Hsu 21-17, 21-11
Yuhan Tan def. Jan Frohlich 21-14, 21-17
Women's Singles: Result Score
Lindaweni Fanetri def. No. 14 Nichaon Jindapon 15-21, 21-13, 21-9
No. 12 Li Han def. Hsiao Ma Pai 21-14, 21-15
No. 1 Xuerui Li def. Kristina Gavnholt 21-13, 21-17
No. 4 Ratchanok Intanon def. Beatriz Corrales 21-18, 21-10
Saina Nehwal def. Natalia Perminova 21-11, 21-9
No. 16 Minatsu Mitani def. Line Kjaersfeldt 21-11, 21-10
No. 5 Ji Hyun Sung def. Sarah Walker Walkover
No. 13 Sayaka Takahashi vs. Petya Nedelcheva 21-12, 21-7


Notable Day 2 Outcomes

No. 1 Li Xuerui Downs Kristina Gavnholt 21-13, 21-17

Jens Dresling/Associated Press

Li Xuerui seems to finally be back on track.

After losing in front of her home crowd in Guangzhou last year, Li went out and took care of the Czech Republic's Kristina Gavnholt in dominant fashion. She spoke after the fact about what it meant in regards to her comeback.

"I had to overcome that mentally but I think I have done that," Li said, per The Associated Press, via The New Zealand Herald.

Li's dominance on the day included seven consecutive points in the first game to take the lead and never truly look back. As a result, she heads into the next round with a clash against No. 12 Han Li in the cards.

No. 2 Long Chen Blows Past Luka Wraber, 21-8, 21-10

It has been a tumultuous ride for Long Chen this season, a season in which he has won just a single title. That triumph came some time ago at the Korean Open, but he remains the world No. 2 and China's best hope in the singles category this year.

The No. 91 player was no issue for Chen on the day. As BWFScore points out, the match itself took all of 30 minutes and change:

Like Li, Chen fired off seven consecutive points in the first game and kept his foot to the pedal the rest of the way for an electric start to the tournament.

As a result of his efforts, Chen will next encounter Marc Zwiebler, who overcame Niluka Karunaratne in strong fashion, 21-18, 21-11.

Full Day 1 Results

Day 1 BWF World Championships Results
Men's Singles: Result Score
David Obernosterer def. Daniel Paiola 17-21, 21-11, 21-17
Nan Wei def. No. 13 Kento Momota 18-21, 21-18, 21-12
Tien Chen Cou def. Raul Must 16-21, 21-18, 21-17
No. 16 Zhengming Wang def. Michal Rogalski 21-15, 21-12
Erik Meijs def. Joe Wu 21-16, 21-13
Petr Koukal def. Vladimir Ivanov 21-19, 21-16
Tien Minh Nguyen def. Howard Shu 21-16, 21-17
No. 3 Jan O Jorgensen def. Maxime Moreels 21-15, 21-11
Scott Evans def. No. 12 Boonsak Ponsana Walkover
No. 15 Sho Sasaki def. Osieni Guerrero 21-13, 21-15
No. 1 Chong Wei Lee def. Dong Keun Lee 21-11, 21-12
Eetu Heino def. Giovanni Greco 21-11, 21-13
Dinuka Karunaratna def. Valeriy Atrashchenkov 18-21, 21-17, 21-16
Dieter Domke def. Kashyap Parupalli 26-24, 13-21, 21-18
Pablo Ablan def. No. 8 Simon Santoso Walkover
No. 14 Viktor Axelsen def. Henri Hurskainen 21-14, 21-15
Women's Singles: Result Score
Kristina Gavnholt def. Jamie Subandhi 22-20, 21-23, 21-16
Pul Yin Yip def. Chloe Magee 21-15, 21-15
Natalia Perminova def. Anna Rankin 21-12, 21-14
Karin Schnaase def. Kirsty Gilmour 21-15, 211-15
Hsiao Ma Pai def. Fabiana Silva 21-14, 21-14
Petya Nedelcheva def. Marija Ulitina 23-21, 22-20
Beatriz Corrales def. Busanan Ongbumrungpan Walkover
Lindaweni Fanteri def. Sashina Vignes Waran 21-18, 23-21
Michelle Li def. Fontaine Mica Chapman 28-26, 21-17
Jing Yi Tee def. Michelle Chan Ky 21-14, 21-19
Thi Trang Vu def. Lohaynny Vicente 21-9, 21-12
Sarah Walker def. Sannatasah Saniru 21-18, 19-21, 21-12
Olga Golovanova def. Linda Zetchiri 21-13, 21-12
Line Khaersfeldt def. Grace Gabriel 21-18, 21-11
Bellaetrix Manuputty def. Sabrina Jaquet 21-18, 21-14
Anna Thea Madsen def. Jiayuan Chen 21-13, 15-21, 21-16


Note: Complete Day 1 results available at BWF official site.

Notable Day 1 Outcomes

Nan Wei Defeats No. 13 Kento Momota, 18-21, 21-18, 21-12

Tsering Topgyal/Associated Press

It didn't take long for the first seeded player to fall in Denmark. In just the second men's singles match of the entire tournament, 13th-seeded Kento Momota was defeated in a three-set thriller by Nan Wei.

BWFScore summed up the marathon match, which lasted over an hour:

Momota got off to a strong start by pulling out the opening set, but he couldn't make the most of a second-set lead and allowed Wei to force a third set. Once he got there, Momota had seemingly lost all of his momentum and couldn't even make the final set close. 

The victory was especially sweet for Wei, who fell to Momota in the first round of the Thomas Cup earlier this year. After overcoming a tough early opponent, he'll move on to face Dinuka Karunaratna—a big winner over Valerly Atrashchenkov later on Monday.

No. 6 Zhengming Wang Strolls Past Michal Rogalski, 21-15, 21-12

Zhengming Wang started his quest to become world champion with a resounding 21-15, 21-12 victory over Michal Rogalski of Poland.

The 24-year-old looked to be in control of things from the start, taking a commanding lead in the first set. The Polish challenger generated a bit of success early on, but it was short-lived, as Wang easily closed it out in the second set.

Up next for Wang is another unseeded opponent in Petr Koukal. He was also a straight-set winner on Monday, defeating Vladimir Ivanov easily. 

Karin Schnaase Tops Kirsty Gilmour, 21-15, 21-15

Karin Schnaase continues to have Kirsty Gilmour's number, as the German won her second consecutive appearance over Gilmour on Monday with a 21-15, 21-15 straight-set win.

It was a tight affair early on, but Schnaase set the tone by closing the opening set in impressive fashion. Once Gilmour failed to jump in front early in the second half, it appeared all but over, as Schnaase had her way with supreme power and accuracy.

Gilmour was one of the stories of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. She surprised by making a run to the finals, but her trip to Denmark looks to be short-lived—at least in the singles portion. 

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