Chelsea Transfer News: Petr Cech Handling Blues' Speculation with Dignity, Class

Gianni VerschuerenFeatured ColumnistAugust 26, 2014

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech pouts to his teammates during the Champions League quarterfinal second leg soccer match between Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain at Stamford Bridge stadium in London, Tuesday, April 8, 2014. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham).
Matt Dunham/Associated Press

Petr Cech is still waiting to find out whether or not he has a future with Chelsea, but the veteran stopper is handling all of the transfer speculation with the class fans and pundits have grown accustomed to.

Rumours continue to persist that the Blues would rather move the Czech international during the 2014 window, and teammate John Terry told Sky Sports things have been difficult for Cech, hailing his attitude in training:

It is very hard to take for big Petr but he is Chelsea through and through and has been unbelievable in the way he has responded in training and in his attitude.

Some players throw their toys out of the pram, and Petr 100 per cent has not done that. He is fighting for his place. How long can he fight for his place? I don’t know that.

Jose Mourinho echoed the same sentiment before the weekend, as reported by Goal's Harry Sherlock:

[He is a] top professional, working as always, being a group man as always, being a Chelsea man as always. I don’t believe he is completely happy as is everyone that didn’t start the game. They clearly feel that some are playing [ahead of them].

With one match per week in August some are not playing but Petr’s behaviour has been fantastic and that’s important.

As of right now, Cech is still a member of the Blues. Belgian youngster Thibaut Courtois is firmly entrenched as the team's starter, and his early showings have done nothing to suggest he isn't deserving.

A transfer for Cech still appears likely, but with every passing day, the situation becomes less clear. Frankly, no one knows where Cech will end up when it's all said and done.

Scott Heppell/Associated Press

Throughout the entire process, the veteran goalkeeper has been nothing but class and dignity. The way he has handled himself and the situation is a shining example of how to deal with uncertainty and speculation, and one every youngster out there should take note of.

There have been no comments on where his heart lies. No shots at the club or the player pushing him out of the squad. In fact, when a fan tried to troll him via Twitter, Cech did this:

Call it banter and anoint him king of Twitter, but how many players facing his situation would have come up with such a response?

By not acting out and publicly asking for a transfer, Cech has kept every single door wide open. If he wishes to stay with Chelsea and back up Courtois, they'll gladly find a spot for him in the squad.

If he prefers a transfer, every potential suitor just saw exactly the kind of person they'll be paying for: A class act who won't cause a fuss or cause distractions.

The man is a legend as Stamford Bridge, and too often the emotions involving a split between club and player cause the eventual farewell to be forced, or even hostile. Not with Cech, who will receive a standing ovation and plenty of hugs when he eventually leaves, be it via transfer or through retirement.

Cech's behaviour in the last two months has done nothing to damage his transfer value or the potential contract he would be signing, and his relationship with the fans and the club remains intact.

The class he has shown throughout the entire ordeal shows speculation doesn't have to go hand in hand with tantrums and sulking. Regardless of where his future lies, Cech deserves a ton of credit for the way he has handled the summer of 2014.