Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Star in Strange and Unsettling Fox Sports Commercial

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 25, 2014


Warning: Video contains footage of Joe Buck nearly kissing a woman on the mouth.

Fox Sports set a new bar for awkward commercials this week with an ad for the network's fall NFL coverage.

Buck and broadcast partner Troy Aikman penciled on mustaches to act out the alternate, bizarro-world universe where they don’t cover sports.

The commercial kicks off with a terrifying moment: Buck speaking Spanish and trying to make out with a woman.

Fortunately, Aikman rushes in and breaks things up before "Jose Macho Venado" can plant his dirty lips on the young lady.

Why? Why are you doing this to us, Fox?

No one's heart has the capacity to handle the sight of Buck leaning in for a kiss and the prospect of a fall without him in the broadcast booth. It's a cruel and emotional roller coaster to ride.

As for Aikman, he might've been born wearing Miami Vice attire. If he can go ahead and wear gold chains and a white blazer everywhere, that would be great.


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