WWE 2K15: Full Roster and Top Superstars to Use

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistAugust 24, 2014

Daniel Bryan reacts during Wrestlemania XXX at the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome in New Orleans on Sunday, April 6, 2014. (Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE)
Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

Now that a large chunk of the roster is known, the hype for the release of WWE 2K15 on October 28 has hit a fever pitch.

Superstars of the past, present and future litter an exhaustive list of names. Thanks to 2K Sports' affinity for a realistic virtual replication of the in-ring work of each Superstar, each name announced included promises to satisfy fans.  

While more names are sure to be added in the coming months as add-ons—especially with notable omissions such as Paige—the current crop of superstars is both impressive and intimidating.

Below, let's take a look at the full list and pick out a few fans will want to use right away.


WWE 2K15 Roster

1AJ Lee
2Alberto Del Rio
3Bad News Barrett
5Big E
6Big Show
7Booker T
8Bray Wyatt
9Brie Bella
10Brock Lesnar
13Chris Jericho
14CM Punk
15Cody Rhodes
16Curtis Axel
17Damien Sandow
18Daniel Bryan
19Darren Young
20Dean Ambrose
21Dolph Ziggler
22Erick Rowan
25Hulk Hogan
26Jack Swagger
27Jey Uso
28Jimmy Uso
29John Cena
30Justin Gabriel
32Kevin Nash
33Kofi Kingston
34Luke Harper
35Mark Henry
38Nikki Bella
40Randy Orton
41Rey Mysterio
42Ric Flair
43Rob Van Dam
44Roman Reigns
46Santino Marella
47Seth Rollins
48Shawn Michaels
50“Stone Cold” Steve Austin
52Summer Rae
54The Miz
55The Rock
56The Undertaker
57Titus O'Neil
58Triple H
59Tyson Kidd
60Xavier Woods


Superstars to Use

Daniel Bryan

Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

Absence makes the heart grow...blah blah.

It's unfortunate that Daniel Bryan is currently on the shelf with an injury after having the WWE title stripped from him, but in the interim, fans can still experience one of the best technical wrestlers the company has to offer in the virtual ring.

Bryan himself has been blown away with this year's edition of the game, as he told Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald:

I haven’t had a video game system since the Nintendo. Then, all of sudden, you see these new games, and they are so lifelike. I was playing the ‘WWE 2K15.’ I was Cesaro versus Goldust. I was like, ‘This is incredible. This is actually what Cesaro looks like.’ Randy Orton has this scar on his hand, and it’s in the video game. It’s incredible.

The realistic nature of each superstar means all of Bryan's moves will be in the game, as will his smaller stature in the face of bigger adversaries, which makes for quite a different style of play fans will appreciate. 

When the game drops, feel free to send Bryan after one Brock Lesnar.


Roman Reigns

Todd Williamson/Associated Press

The next big thing in WWE is Roman Reigns now that The Shield is disbanded and he has split off on a wildly successful singles career.

Reigns seems to be the next John Cena, albeit a quiet one. He most recently gained a victory over veteran Randy Orton at SummerSlam, and the majority of the moves featured in that match, from the Superman Punch right on down to his athletic apron kick, are sure to be in the game.

Of course, so will the fan-favorite spear.

With a unique entrance via the crowd and arguably the best offensive arsenal in the game, Reigns is sure to be one of the most selected Superstars right off the bat.


CM Punk

DAVE ALLOCCA/Associated Press

Before everything allegedly crashed and burned between WWE and CM Punk, the Best in the World put on a historic feud with one John Cena.

As a result, 2K Sports has the man himself in the game this year:

Depending on how things shake out in the coming 12 months and change between Punk and the company, it might just be the last time fans see him in a WWE game.

So enjoy it. Were Punk still around, he would have been one of the top names to use. His absence has only made the fervor around him more intense, so he will be widely used outside of the upcoming 2K Showcase mode.



The anchor of 2K Sports' roster promotion this year has been the legend Sting, and rightfully so.

After entirely too long of a wait, The Icon is a member of the WWE Universe and will be available as a playable character with preorder purchases of the game.

The video above was a major hit at a live show and continues to give fans thoughts as to what Sting may have in store for them when he actually debuts. He told Grantland's David Shoemaker that the video did as much for him as it did fans:

One of the interesting things I read about the promo video was that for anybody who thought the generational gap would be not in Sting's favor, well, we can put that to rest. The way the crowd reacted was amazing—and even the younger kids who don't know who I am. The painted face, that video—I'm the sort of guy who's really hard to please, but when I saw that video, with the violins playing, it was great.

For now, fans will have to settle for the virtual edition of Sting, which is exciting in and of itself because of the endless matchups throughout history fans will be able to put on in order to play out dream feuds.

No character will be more used by fans, especially if he just so happens to make a timely debut on live programming.


All info courtesy of WWE.com unless otherwise specified.



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