It's Almost Official: Flyers To Play at Fenway

Patrick QuarryContributor IJuly 13, 2009

The NHL has announced that there will be a press conference at Fenway Park Wednesday July 15, 2009 at 1:0pm. The NHL is expected to announce the Winter Classic match-up, or match-ups, for January 1, 2010. A source close to the NHL revealed that the Flyers would play in the Winter Classic in late June.

The NHL is making the press conference at Fenway Park because the Bruins will be hosting the Winter Classic this coming New Year's Day. The NHL is coinciding this press conference with the release of the 2009-10 NHL schedule.

The NHL can still change the team that will oppose the Bruins, but it almost seems sure that the Flyers will play the Bruins due to the reports a month ago.

The NHL is also rumored to be having another game in the Pacific time zone. This game will most likely be hosted by the Calgary Flames at McMahon Stadium, which hosts the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

This game will most likely try to build off of the success that the Winter Classic has generated for the NHL in the past two years.

The press conference can be seen on NHL Network and on the NHL Web site.