Vince Young, Forgotten By Some, Critisized By Many... For Now

Brad StineContributor IJuly 13, 2009

PHOENIX - MARCH 28:  NFL player Vince Young  arrives at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XV held at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa on March 28, 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night)

Rookie of the year, Pro Bowl appearance in his rookie year, brought a struggling team back to playoff contention.... sounds like a good deal, unless your 95% of the other people who think.... what a bust.

Vince Young brought hope to a franchise that was in bad form. The Tennessee Titans were having a rough stretch of seasons, with Billy Volek (God I can't stand that name) as a "quarterback" and a offense that wouldn't score against Tulsa.  Obviously you have to be about that bad to get a 3rd pick in the 1st round of the draft, thus the Titans did.

Watching Vince in the National Championship game was when I became a fan. I could not emphasize more how much I enjoyed watching one man single handedly beat the USC Trojans!!  It was great!  When I saw Vince running in the final TD to win the game, I thought he was the next big thing... step aside Michael Vick, you now have company.

When Vince Young was drafted by the Tennessee Titans, there was automatic hype in the city. Like I mentioned before, all they got was a ROTY, Pro Bowl QB, and playoff dreams once again.... Sounds good to me.

The 1st game of the 2008 season, Vince Young gets injured, and all sorts of craziness occurs,  Between the team being worried about "suicidal thoughts" and well state of being, and the media taking shots one after the other, Vince's rep took a big hit. In the end, there was no "suicide" and no problems, just a man being upset about an unfortunant situation... like none of us have ever done that.

During his rehab for the injury, Kerry Collins stepped in and gave the Tennessee Titans an NFL best 13-3 record, so many thought Vince was not needed in the 615 anymore, could NOT be further from truth.

Everybody is saying Vince won't do anything due to being 2nd spot behind Kerry Collins.  Well, if I'm not wrong, Kerry is a little on the old side, and Vince will definantly have opportunity sometime in 2009 to play in two tone blue.  If not that, they say Vince is done because of injury. Well.... How come I see everybody back on the Tom Brady banwagon? He had a much more serious injury, yet I guess he is superman... Riiiight. (Superman doesn't call authorities about a .... STOLEN FLOWER POT!! LOL...PXSSY)

With a new receiver corp, and a hot defense, not to mention one of the top 5 RBs in the game, Vince has the tools of success.  Plus, you BETTER believe Vince will have thoughts of Pops (McNair) in his mind on the field, and if Vince duplicates even 1/2 of what McNair did, Vince will make a proud man of his hero. Ohhhhh and Vince LOVES playing with motivation like that.

Next year, when the Tennessee Titans advance to AT LEAST the AFC Championship, and Vince Young is running that O.... PLEASE comment back, and let it just say "You Told Me So."