Best Sports Shows/Movies on NetFlix Instant

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Best Sports Shows/Movies on NetFlix Instant

As a sports fan, it's hard to fathom that I ever existed during a time when nearly every event, movie or program wasn't virtually available on demand.

However, there's no question I did—and my battered, but glorious, 1990-1991 Pittsburgh Penguins season highlights VHS tapes (One From The Heart) prove it. 

Before the era of streaming, online content, suckers like you and me had to find a friend with a satellite dish, or an obsession with taping on-air programming, if we wanted to watch a game, movie or program that wasn't on a network, ESPN or one of the movie channels.

Even if you had cable, you were at the mercy of the programming schedule.

Back then, you had to wait—wait for Christmas or a birthday...or a package in the mail. Often, you even had to wait for some jerk to return an overdue movie.

Then the 21st century gave the sports fan the greatest gift of all: streaming content that didn't alternate between unbearable pixelation or unbearable buffering. And no service better symbolizes this turn of events than Netflix.

With NetFlix, waiting was replaced with an overly ambitious queue and sports-related entertainment available anywhere, anytime.

These are the best sports shows and movies on NetFlix Instant.

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