Madden 15: Most Overvalued Player Ratings in the Game

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIAugust 23, 2014

image from Madden 15, provided by EA Sports

Madden gamers put a lot of stock into player ratings. This year, the attributes mean even more as the game plays as realistic as it ever has.

While marks like speed, throwing accuracy, man and zone coverage must be examined and considered, there are a few ratings that simply don't carry much weight.

Here's a look at three overvalued player ratings in Madden.


Quarterback Awareness

Everyone wants an ultra-aware quarterback, right? The guys under center are supposed to be smart and quick thinkers, so this rating carries a ton of importance, right?


Unless it's a CPU-controlled QB, the awareness is irrelevant. If you're playing the game—outside of Superstar mode, of course—then you're controlling the quarterback.

EA sports ratings czar Donny Moore confirmed this for me in an interview prior to the release of Madden 25. You can listen to the interview in the video below.

The QB's awareness is based on what you do. Yet because of the weight placed on this rating, some younger, inexperienced players will have low overall ratings despite possessing solid marks in other categories.

The cool thing here is that you can take a QB who is fast, has a strong arm and decent accuracy, and get him to perform well above his overall rating. 

For the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel's overall rating is a 77 while Brian Hoyer's is a 79. If you're a slave to the overall rating, you might think Hoyer is your best bet, but he's not. Manziel has better accuracy numbers and he's much more mobile.

The difference in the rating comes primarily from Manziel's 58 awareness rating. You must make Johnny smart.



image from Madden 15, provided by EA Sports

Players with a history of success in the return game will generally have high marks in this category, but they aren't the only guys capable of making a splash as returners.

Again, success is partially based on what you do with the controller, but a dominant return man can be anyone with the speed, acceleration and agility ratings to be elusive.

The Chicago Bears' cornerback C.J. Wilson is rated a 94 in speed and has a 92 agility rating. However, his return rating is just a 64.

If you're on the sticks, the return rating doesn't really matter too much. Wilson is probably going to be the most dangerous return man on the Bears roster.


Ball-Carrier Vision

Notice the trend here.

Ratings that are more about artificial intelligence than controller actions don't hold as much weight as it pertains to the players you'll be controlling.

Once the ball is in your halfback's hands, your vision is all that matters. This rating will only affect the way the CPU runs with the ball. Don't let a low BCV rating scare you away from a potential game-breaking back.


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