Complex Magazine Make Incredible Premier League Manager Rap Albums

Sean SwabyUK Staff WriterAugust 22, 2014

Complex UK

Who knew Arsene Wenger had so much in common with 50 Cent?

OK, so maybe in reality the Frenchman and the bad-boy rapper don't have a ton in common. However, based on an incredible bit of work from Complex magazine, Wenger and other managers can boast as much with some of the world's most notorious artists.

Complex put Premier League managers on famous album covers and even made track lists that play on song titles relating to each manager's unique situation—"In Da Club" becomes "Still In Da Club," in reference to Arsenal's continued run in the Champions League.

Of course, "Gunners in Paris" is an ode to Jay-Z and Kanye West, not 50 Cent. However, the title is still obviously relevant to Wenger's Arsenal.

Complex UK

Similarly, former manager David Moyes appears on the cover of The Notorious B.I.G.'s famous Ready to Die album, which makes sense considering Moyes' mostly unsuccessful reign at Manchester United.

Plus, who doesn't want to see Moyes' head photoshopped on a baby?

Complex UK

Complex UK

See the rest, including Brendan Rodgers, Manuel Pellegrini, Alan Pardew, Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal, here.

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