PSA: Players, Their Contracts, and All Aimless Discussions, Thereof

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PSA: Players, Their Contracts, and All Aimless Discussions, Thereof
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Unfortunately, we live in a society today which is moved by people who attack NBA players, over their salaries. 
This phenomena occurred long before our current economic crisis, and I am fairly sure of why the peculiar scrutiny is more about *who receive the salaries* than, the salaries themselves.  Especially in light of facts to be laid out here. 
And, of course we just don't seem to hear this disparaging-talk about PGA Golf salaries, MLB pitcher's salaries, NASCAR drivers' salaries, NFL rookie-QB salaries, and especially never never ever do we hear all of the galactically-negative talk nor attacks onto he, who's salary, dwarf's even the most lucrative NBA player's contract;

Thats right beautiful readers, the NBA's front-office, David Stern, and his cast of White team owners, did rake in $3.2-billion dollars last year.

Now weigh that, versus 1984.  When White team owners were allowed to spend $3.6-million total, on their team's player-salaries.

As today, an owner is allowed to pay out $57-million per season on his team's salaries.  This is a very accurate gauge for depicting how much loot the owner's are raking in now, and player's salary only barely dent their revenues.

So, once again, please consider this PSA as more proof of how aimless it is to focus on players, when attacking money issues.

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