P&G Gymnastics Championships 2014: Tracking Women's Results, Standings, Winners

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured ColumnistAugust 22, 2014

Simone Biles smiles after getting her gold medal at the gymnastics U.S. Championships, Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014, in Pittsburgh. Biles captured her second straight national title on Saturday night. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)
Keith Srakocic/Associated Press

When it comes to gymnastics, particularly women’s gymnastics, the Olympics get all the glory. The winners take home lifelong memories, valuable medals and incredible fame, at least for the rest of that year.

However, the P&G Gymnastics Championships is about as important as it gets on the sport’s schedule. This year’s version of the USA Gymnastics’ national championships features competitions in both the junior and senior divisions and takes place in the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh from August 21-24 (women on the 21st and 23rd, men on the 22nd and 24th). 

Here is a full look at the schedule.

2014 P&G Gymnastics Championships
DateEventTime (ET)
Thursday, August 21Junior competition, Day 11 p.m.
Thursday, August 21Senior competition, Day 17:30 p.m.
Saturday, August 23Junior competition, Day 22 p.m.
Saturday, August 23Senior competition, Day 27:30 p.m.

Past all-around champions at this event include Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Carly Patterson and Jordyn Wieber, so the winner could have big things in store as her career unfolds. Last year’s all-around champion was Simone Biles.


Day 2 Results

Final Junior Results and Top Performers
Place Competitor Day 1 ScoreDay 2 ScoreCombined Total
1 Jazmyn Foberg 57.60057.350114.950
2 Nia Dennis56.80057.700114.500
3 Norah Flatley 56.55056.000114.500
4 Jordan Chiles53.75057.850112.550
5 Alexis Vasquez 55.55055.600111.600
1Nia Dennis15.10014.90030.000
2Olivia Troutman14.80014.90029.700
3Jordan Chiles 14.65015.00029.650
4Jazmyn Foberg14.60014.95029.550
5Emily Gaskins14.50014.75029.250
1 Jazmyn Foberg 14.40014.45028.850
2 Norah Flatley 14.45013.95028.400
3 Nia Dennis13.50014.65028.150
4 Aria Brusch13.55013.75027.300
5 Alexis Vasquez13.65013.45027.100
1Alexis Vasquez14.70014.70029.400
2Ragan Smith14.45014.55029.000
3Lauren Navarro13.90014.80028.700
4Norah Flatley14.40014.25028.650
5Emily Gaskins 14.70013.75028.450
1 Nia Dennis14.50015.10029.600
2Ragan Smith14.50014.65029.150
3Jordan Chiles 14.00014.75028.750
3Victoria Nguyen14.50014.25028.750
5 Jazmyn Foberg14.40014.10028.500
Source: USAGym.org
Final Senior Results and Top Performers
PlaceCompetitorDay 1 ScoreDay 2 ScoreCombined Score
1Simone Biles61.80060.750122.550
2Kyla Ross57.95060.350118.300
3Maggie Nichols58.65059.250117.900
4Alyssa Baumann58.40057.700116.100
5MyKayla Skinner57.55057.900115.450
1Simone Biles15.50015.52531.025
2MyKayla Skinner15.12515.10030.225
1Ashton Locklear15.85015.20031.050
2Madison Kocian15.25015.50030.750
3Maggie Nichols14.45014.95029.400
4Simone Biles14.55014.75029.300
5Brenna Dowell15.40013.65029.050
1Kyla Ross15.20015.35030.550
T2Simone Biles15.70014.60030.300
T2Alyssa Baumann15.15015.15030.300
4Maggie Nichols14.600 14.75029.350
5Madison Kocian14.70014.55029.250
1Simone Biles15.65015.50031.150
2MyKayla Skinner14.90015.10030.000
3Maggie Nichols14.55014.45029.000
4Alyssa Baumann14.45014.45028.900
5Kyla Ross13.75014.80028.550
Source: USAGym.org

Jazmyn Foberg won her maiden U.S. junior title, edging out silver medalist Nia Dennis, who had a magnificent all-around day but fell just short of the top prize.

Jo-Ann Barnas of Dateline Indianapolis had the story, and also added a notable anecdote that contextualized just how far Foberg has come in such a short time:

Athletes battling back from adversity is a familiar sports storyline. However, the fact that Foberg was able to dig deep enough, train harder and come back better than ever to beat a world-class lot of competitors makes her victorious story all the more special.

Simone Biles was hoping to cement her status as a gymnastics superstar by winning yet another title in the senior competition. She successfully defended as champion, beating out a tough field with relative ease.

PITTSBURGH, PA - AUGUST 23:  Simone Biles (center), Kyla Ross (left), and Maggie Nichols (right) pose for a photo on the podium after accepting their medals in the senior women finals during the 2014 P&G Gymnastics Championships at Consol Energy Center on
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

A lot of hard work went into Biles retaining her senior title, but she certainly made it look effortless with her all-around grace. Biles, 17, had an overall score of 122.550, more than four points ahead of runner-up Kyla Ross.

The Associated Press' Will Graves was blown away by Biles' performance to the point of hyperbolizing her score compared to the other worthy athletes:

USA Today's Maggie Hendricks thought highly of Biles' floor exercise:

Mary Lou Retton, a 1984 Olympic gold-medal winner in all-around gymnastics, gave her thoughts on Biles afterwards, via NBCSports.com's Nick Zaccardi.

"She’s not human," said Retton. "She may be the most talented gymnast I’ve ever seen in my life, honestly. And I don’t even think she’s tapped into what she really can do. I think she’s unbeatable."

Although it's well down the line, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, have to be on Biles' mind. She is quickly establishing herself as a legitimate medal contender and has the all-around gymnastic prowess to compete at the highest level.

Biles was able to showcase her skills on NBC for many spectators and TV viewers to see. If she keeps putting on displays this good and at this rate, the rest of the world will likely become well-acquianted with Biles soon enough.


Day 1 Results

Day 1 Junior Results
1Jazmyn Foberg57.600
2Emily Gaskins57.000
3Nia Dennis56.800
4Norah Flatley56.550
5Ragan Smith/Alexis Vasquez55.550
1Nia Dennis15.100
2Olivia Trautman14.800
3Jordan Chiles14.650
4Jazmyn Foberg14.600
5Emily Gaskins14.500
1Norah Flatley14.450
2Jazmyn Foberg14.400
3Lexy Ramler13.800
4Emily Gaskins13,700
5Alexis Vasquez13.650
1Emily Gaskins14.700
1Alexis Vasquez14.700
3Ragan Smith14.450
4Maile O'Keefe14.400
4Norah Flatley14.400
1Ragan Smith14.500
1Victoria Nguyen14.500
1Nia Dennis14.500
4Jazmyn Foberg14.400
5Olivia Trautman14.200
Day 1 Senior Results
1Simone Biles61.800
2Maggie Nichols58.650
3Alyssa Baumann58.400
4Kyla Ross57.950
5MyKayla Skinner57.550
1Simone Biles15.500
2MyKayla Skinner15.125
1Ashton Locklear15.850
2Brenna Dowell15.400
3Madison Kocian15.250
4Veronica Hults14.600
5Simone Biles14.550
1Simone Biles15.700
2Kyla Ross15.200
3Alyssa Baumann15.150
4Madison Kocian14.700
5Maggie Nichols14.600
1Simone Biles15.650
2MyKayla Skinner14.900
3Maggie Nichols14.550
4Alyssa Baumann14.450
5Macy Toronjo14.050

Thursday was all about Biles as she began her title defense.

She missed 10 months of competition but ironed out any rust at the Secret Classic in Chicago three weeks ago. She was nearly flawless in posting a 61.60 and holds a commanding lead over the rest of the field.

Yves Logghe/Associated Press

Biles began her evening on the beam and posted an incredible 15.700, which was well clear of Alyssa Baumann’s 15.150. The margin between Biles and the rest of the field only grew as the competition continued, which was critical because the uneven bars—her least favorite event—was the final competition.

She posted a solid 14.550, which was more than enough considering how dominant she was in the other events. 

Let Jo-Ann Barnas of Dateline Indianapolis paint the picture:

The other main storyline was Kyla Ross, who won gold at the London Olympics as part of the “Fierce Five.” 

Ross struggled though and made errors on the floor and uneven bars. She was seen as the only real threat to Biles, but that no longer appears to be the case. Will Graves of The Associated Press passed along a quote from Ross:

As Biles separates herself from the competition, the scariest thing may just be that she has room for improvement. Graves provided some insight from her coach that suggested as much:

Biles is only 17 years old and likely has her eyes on Olympic gold one day. If she continues to perform like she did Thursday, that is certainly a realistic goal.


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