Chicago-Cincinnatti: Zambrano Leads Cubs to Win

Harry PavlidisSenior Analyst IMay 6, 2008

Driving home from the office, I listened to the pregame on WGN Radio. Lou Piniella is clearly unhappy about the defense he's got on the field. He has been talking about it since Spring Training, but it hasn't materialized. Lou expected "these guys to catch the ball", but they haven't. Clearly bothered by it, he promised today to put guys out there who can catch the ball.

Lou is going to try and fix it, but he's also realistic. "I can't do it at every position, but I'll do it as much as I can."

I think that means Alfonso Soriano is what he is. Get over it. Even Derrek Lee had an error today, but no one is worried about him, despite the recent pile-up of E3s on the scoreboard.

Ronny Cedeno got the start in place of Mike Fontenot, while Mark DeRosa was given a day off, and Aramis Ramirez returned to the lineup. Too bad Ronny blew a force out, and possible double-play ball, on a poor throw to Theriot. Sound familiar, Fontenot?

Still, Cedeno's appearance today doesn't bode well for Fontenot, or DeRosa for that matter. Ronny made up for his fielding gaffe by contributing at the plate. Ronny's a lucky dude this year, and upped his RBI total from 16 to 18.

Carlos Zambrano pitched eight solid innings, and Kerry Wood looked like the good Kerry Wood. The 10th Anniversary Edition to be precise. OK, not that good, but he gave up nothing but a bunt single.

Rubber match-up tomorrow. Edinson Volquez for the Reds, and Jon Lieber officially takes over Rich Hill's spot—for now. I'm listening to the I-Cubs game now, and they just rattled off the starting pitchers for the next few nights. I think I heard Kevin Hart, but not Hill.