“Patience Iago, Patience.”

Nate SantoianniCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

A line courtesy of Disney’s Aladdin; A philosophy to abide by.

Patience has been a virtue possessed by Scott Howson since he became the general manger of the Blue Jackets. It seems to be a virtue that many CBJ fans have as well. 8 years to make the playoffs, 8 years to build a stable, competitive team. A work in process still…

What has become of the Blue Jackets through patience this summer.

1) Extending Rick Nash into 2018. Great move for Columbus, as he will continue to attract players here.

2) Adding Samuel Pahlsson. If we get him back to the 2006 form, this will be a huge pickup. It will totally mask the loss of Malhotra.

3) Mathieu Garon – He will help steady the horse that is Steve Mason.

4) Adding goaltending coach Dave Rook – See above.

5) Puck moving Dman – This is where the patience will matter most. It has not happened yet, but it will eventually. It would be great to have this hole filled before training camp.

Now onto some other thoughts as the off-season continues… We get a healthy Brassard back soon, and that will be very nice for us. I’m hoping Nik Filatov will be stronger, because I’d love to see this guy make the team. I’m actually happy to see the re-signing of Jon Sigalet (He could be the said Puck moving Dman… An interesting thought, but look at his AHL stats last season). We’ve got a heck of a guy out of the draft this year, Mr. John Moore. He will be a big part of the future D along with Teddy Ruth. I’m getting excited for September as training camp draws closer. I’m ready to get back to 113 Row F.

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