The Viper, the Game and the Attitude Adjuster Meet again at NOC

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

We have a Triple Threat Match at the Night of Champions again. It seems like there is always a triple threat match at each PPV event.

At the NOC, Randy has to defend his title against the Game, Triple HHH, and against the Attitude Adjuster, John Cena.

These three are in almost every PPV event, unless they are on the injured list or need a little break so they don't get burned out.

Here, we have three of the biggest names in wrestling fighting for the coveted title. They all want it and, in my opinion, they would kill each other for it.

I know the Viper would take out his own Legacy partners, the Game wants to pummel Orton until he can't see straight, and Cena just wants the belt.

Fans would like to see something different, something unique. For example. when Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. interfere in Randy's match, one of them turns on Randy and then it can become a fatal four way.

Another scenario can be that Legacy comes out to defend Orton and, instead, they end up fighting each other, then turn on Orton and either the Game or Cena pins him while he is being distracted.

Cena and the Game are friends but in the ring they are all business. This match can go in many directions and it just might do that. Remember this is a PPV event, so anything can happen.

I hope it's going to be something exciting!