Will Roman Reigns Survive the Reality Era?

Team Stream NowB/R VideoAugust 21, 2014

Roman Reigns has passed every test thus far in his quest to become WWE’s next big star. His final test, however, will come when he is faced with the fickleness that has come to define the Reality Era.

Fans of today don’t necessarily embrace top stars. Underdogs with independent wrestling pedigrees, such as Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose, are more their taste, while blue-chippers such as Reigns will inevitably earn their ire.

Just as John Cena has received mixed reactions throughout most of his tenure atop WWE, Reigns should expect similar treatment. The impending return of Bryan will complicate things even further.

In any case, Reigns should survive the Reality Era. As long as he remains self-aware and rolls with the punches, his mixed reactions will be more of an acknowledgement of his mainstream status than an awkward deterrent.

WWE will not escape Reigns fatigue, but as long as the company remains invested and he moves merchandise, they’ll both greatly benefit from making him a top star.


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