WWE Will Squander Seth Rollins' Momentum Without Money in the Bank Cash-In

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 21, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Following his fantastic main event match with Dean Ambrose on Monday's Raw, Seth Rollins has a ton of momentum. But WWE risks squandering it if the company doesn't script him to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot soon.

Rollins' profile in the company has skyrocketed since he turned on Ambrose and Roman Reigns in early June and aligned himself with The Authority. He has proved himself to be a great, believable heel and has continued to churn out one terrific in-ring performance after another.

He's easily overshadowed Kane and Randy Orton in The Authority, too. Their acts feel stale and tired, but Rollins is clearly hitting his stride as a bad guy.

Credit: WWE.com

This is why Vince McMahon and his team of writers need to capitalize on his momentum and have him cash in soon. If WWE keeps putting this off—possibly until 2015—Rollins risks being marginalized and swept aside during WrestleMania season.

We have seen in the past what happens when WWE doesn’t strike while the iron is hot with rising stars.

Wade Barrett was on a roll as the leader of heel group The Nexus in late 2010. He was over with the crowds and had proved himself to be an excellent talker. However, instead of going all the way with him, the company elected to have him lose his feud to John Cena and go back to the midcard. His career has never recovered.

Credit: WWE.com

Ryback is another example. The bookers should have put the WWE Championship on him at Hell in a Cell in 2012 when he was a red-hot act—but they didn’t. Again, he has never truly recovered.

The lesson here is that you can’t stall on pushing new talents or be reluctant to promote them up the card. In order to break through the glass ceiling, the former Shield member has to become the champion soon.

You could say now is not a great time to put the belt on him, though.

Brock Lesnar, a heel, currently holds the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Following Lesnar's complete obliteration of Cena at SummerSlam, you can understand why Rollins would be somewhat reluctant to get in there with the former UFC star.

Credit: WWE.com

However, what's to stop the mischievous Rollins from manipulating and engineering events to his advantage? Perhaps he could convince Triple H and Stephanie McMahon that a loose cannon like Lesnar isn't fit to be champion?

The pair could then arrange to have all the heels on the roster beat up Lesnar in the middle of the ring, thus allowing Rollins to waltz in and capitalize on a vulnerable champion.

Not only would this scenario be a great twist—we've been led to believe the McMahons are behind Lesnar as champion—but it would also be a cool way to turn the former fighter into a babyface.

Sure, Rollins vs. Lesnar as a feud may sound like an unconventional idea, but that doesn't mean it can't work.

And WWE absolutely has to pull the trigger on Rollins soon—before he becomes irrelevant like so many others before him.