Young Washington Nationals Fan Takes Foul Ball to Head While Falling onto Field

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 21, 2014


So many things went wrong for this poor kid, all at the same time.

A young Nationals fan found himself bruised and covered in dirt after a series of unfortunate events at Nationals Park on Wednesday night.

It all began in the bottom of the sixth when Bryce Harper pieced a low foul ball over the right field line. The child—wearing a Harper shirt and a fashionable popcorn bucket on his head—leaned over the wall to snag a souvenir and instead took the ball flush in the face.

The headshot sent Bucket Boy flopping onto the field in a graceless heap. To his credit, he did not cry. He picked up his bucket, metabolized another serving of early-life trauma and retreated into the stands.

To recap, this young man went from shiny and optimistic to battered and bucketless in a matter of two seconds.

I wish I could dredge a moral out of this mess. I want to say that we can all learn a lesson from Bucket Boy's misfortune, but I’m not sure there is one to be had. If anything, this is a case study in fate's cruel whimsy. A kid puts a bucket on his head, tries to catch a foul ball and eats a Rawlings sandwich for his troubles.

Stay strong, young man. This is just how life goes. Some days you're the ball; some days you're the bucket.


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