Brock Lesnar's WWE Title Win Has Silenced Critics of Victory over the Undertaker

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistAugust 21, 2014

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The conqueror has a new conquest, so the critics of the previous one have moved on.

Brock Lesnar stunned the world at WrestleMania 30 when he broke The Undertaker's streak of 21 straight victories. There was no shortage of interest, and there was no shortage of negative reaction.

How could WWE let this happen? How could The Undertaker let this happen? Lesnar's only a part-time guy. Lesnar doesn't care about the business.

All of these questions and statements ran wild among the WWE audience.

Lesnar ate, slept and conquered The Streak, as his shirt would suggest. He then disappeared for four months, as per usual in his schedule. He returned to eat, sleep and conquer John Cena at SummerSlam.

He did just that in one of the most physical main events I've ever seen. He managed to put on a fight that felt so real in a professional wrestling format. It was the length of a professional wrestling match, and it had the story of a professional wrestling match, but it was like watching a brutal beating on YouTube.

Lesnar became the new WWE world heavyweight champion—and the same questions and statements are being shouted once again.

This time, they are being shouted about his holding the title, as it seems The Streak has been pushed aside.

It was one thing for Lesnar to beat a legend who held a legendary streak but only fought once a year. It's another thing for Lesnar to destroy the face of the company and carry the top title that is constantly featured.

The critics still haven't figured it out in this era of evolved sports entertainment, social media and press appearances: Lesnar is a gem of uniqueness.

Lesnar was the perfect guy to stop The Streak due to his background as a legitimate fighter in the UFC. Beating The Undertaker further legitimized that streak. Lesnar was the perfect guy because he might be the only one who would openly welcome that burden of pressure and heat from others.

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The level of pressure on the wrestler who ended The Streak was always going to be incrediblemaybe impossible to deal with. But for Lesnar, it's simply about continuing to be himself.

Lesnar won the title from Cena, and so many questions are being asked about his future opponents or how often he's going to defend it? I love it.

When was the last time a new champion was surrounded by this much attention, emotion and unpredictability? I'm not talking about just one of those things, such as the emotion associated with Daniel Bryan's title winI'm talking about all three.

I'm tired of hearing complaints about Lesnar not taking pictures with fans or loving the business. A heel character who acts like a heel—what a concept.

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Lesnar won the title, and it's added validity to The Streak breaking. He won the title, and the broken streak is now yesterday's news. He won the title, and that development has stirred up conversation and debate. As such, he won the title and has made it more important than it has been in a long time.

Mission accomplishedand it could only be accomplished by Lesnar.


Justin LaBar is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also the creator of the Chair Shot Reality video talk show and Wrestling Reality radio show.