Foul Ball Causes Beer Shower, Fan Comes Up Empty so Broadcasters Buy New Beer

Jake Silver@@jakeofsilverSocial Media StaffAugust 20, 2014


Everyone attending a Major League Baseball game dreams of catching a foul ball. You just have to make sure your hands aren't occupied by beverages when one comes your way.

At the Toronto Blue Jays vs. Milwaukee Brewers matchup on Wednesday, one fan got a pretty raw deal when his two drinks were drilled by a foul ball. Another fan snagged the ball off the bounce, and the drink holder not only got soaked but lost his $12 beer in the process.

Getting doused, losing your refreshments and coming up with nothing is no good. That's why the broadcasters at Miller Park came to the rescue and bought the fan a new beer—in a souvenir mug, no less.

Video below:

[, h/t Larry Brown Sports]