Usain Bolt Says He Will Call Louis van Gaal If Manchester Utd Lose to Sunderland

Ryan BaileyFeatured ColumnistAugust 20, 2014


Usain Bolt frequently speaks of his love for Manchester United and has even expressed a long-held desire to play for the team one day, as per the Mail Online.

In fact, last year Sergio Aguero claimed that the world's fastest man is good enough to play for Utd—but not for City, of course. 

Bolt often passes comment on the Red Devils in press conferences and had already lamented his team's defensive problems this season, as per the BBC.

Now, the Jamaican sprinter has said that he will have to call new manager Louis van Gaal if United are beaten at Sunderland on Sunday.

Quite how Bolt would remonstrate with the manager is not clear, but Van Gaal will surely be hoping not to see a Jamaican number flashing up on his phone on Sunday evening... 

[YouTube via 101GG]