Real Madrid Transfer News: Blancos Salvaging Angel Di Maria Situation Perfectly

Gianni VerschuerenFeatured ColumnistAugust 20, 2014

Real Madrid's Angel Di Maria from Argentina reacts during a Spanish Super Cup soccer match against Atletico Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain, Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014 . (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)
Daniel Ochoa de Olza/Associated Press

Angel Di Maria remains a member of Real Madrid's squad as we draw ever closer to the end of the summer transfer window, and Carlo Ancelotti has handled the winger's situation beautifully after initial struggles.

Rumours regarding his future have been swirling all summer, and on Tuesday, The Sun (h/t to Metro) once again suggested the Argentine international is free to leave Madrid for the right price, quoting a fee of £50 million.

Meanwhile, L'Equipe claims Los Blancos have already agreed to a transfer with Paris Saint-Germain, as shared by Bleacher Report's Jonathan Johnson:

We've heard these same stories all summer long, from the moment Real started talking about acquiring James Rodriguez. And yet, with less than two weeks to go in the summer transfer window, the player still hasn't moved.

Ancelotti deserves a statue for the way he has handled the situation. After the initial reports that the player felt disrespected, fans were calling out Florentino Perez and his tendency to buy players the club doesn't need in full force.

MADRID, SPAIN - AUGUST 19:  Head coach of Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti looks on during the Supercopa first leg match between Real Madrid and Club Atletico de Madrid at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on August 19, 2014 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Denis Doyle/Ge
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

During all of this, Ancelotti remained calm. Di Maria still hasn't publicly stated he's tired of Madrid—the fans have cooled their emotions. The situation isn't yet resolved, and it likely won't be until the transfer window is over, but Real turned a PR nightmare into an example of how to play the transfer market.

Ancelotti continues to talk about Di Maria as a member of his team, as he did during his post-match presser following the team's 1-1 draw with Atletico Madrid.

Per the club's official website, he did what he always does, praising his players when they are deserving:

As I always say, Di María is a Real Madrid player and I use him as I like and as I think he should be used. He is one of Real Madrid’s biggest players. It could be that Simeone, in saying that he is our best player, has forgotten about a certain Ballon d’Or or Bale. But Di María is one of the great players I am lucky enough to manage.

None of this means the Argentine forward is a lock to remain with Los Blancos—in fact, it still seems more likely he'll leave before the end of summer.

But as we've seen time and time again, a player's value will plummet once it becomes clear he doesn't want to stay and the club is forced into a sale.

That's not the case with Di Maria. As long as he doesn't come forward and states he wants to leave, Real have the luxury of holding out for a substantial transfer fee. The reported £50 million would be a great haul for a player who seemed destined to leave at the start of the transfer window.

His pace and versatility make him a valuable asset to Ancelotti, and given the club's heavy fixture schedule, Real could make a compelling case to Di Maria that there still is room for him in the squad.

Fans would love to see him stay, and he would be yet another attacking dimension to a team that already looks like an offensive juggernaut.

The Rodriguez transfer and subsequent reports that Di Maria felt disrespected were a bad look for Real, and the entire situation could have gone south in the blink of an eye.

Ancelotti deserves a ton of credit for salvaging the situation, and whether Di Maria stays or goes, Los Blancos look like they'll emerge as winners from the ordeal.