WWE SummerSlam 2014: Biggest Missed Opportunities with the Show's Booking

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 20, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

While SummerSlam was largely an excellent show, I can't help but feel that some mistakes were made and that the bookers missed one or two opportunities.

For example, WWE prematurely ended The Miz's Intercontinental Championship run. Why did WWE writers elect to have Dolph Ziggler win the title at the event? The Miz's current Hollywood gimmick is tremendous fun, and the belt added to his character.

Taking the title off him after only a few weeks felt like stripping him of his momentum.

Ziggler absolutely should have won the belt at some point, but the Night of Champions pay-per-view next month would have been a better place to carry out the title switch.

Credit: WWE.com

Jack Swagger was another wrestler who arguably had his momentum squandered.

Did he really have to lose so solidly to Rusev in their match, thus ruining his credibility as a babyface? Even if you didn’t want to script Rusev to job, you didn’t have to make Swagger look so inept.

After a brief glimmer of hope for his struggling WWE career, it appears the star is now back to square one. How disheartening.

Credit: WWE.com

The bookers not giving Paige and AJ Lee a decent amount of time for their match also felt like a missed opportunity. Indeed, the one flaw in their otherwise fine bout was how short it was. If they had been given more in-ring time, they could have churned out something very special.

Paige vs. Lee is the top rivalry in the women's division and has been promoted very strongly over the past month. Why give it just five minutes?

While WWE may outwardly appear to be treating its women's product with more respect and attempting to make it more credible, the bout's paltry match time serves as a big reminder that this company still has some way to go before fans take female wrestling seriously again.

Credit: WWE.com

Hopefully, if Lee and Paige clash again next month on pay-per-view, they will get considerably longer ring time.

While Brock Lesnar's complete destruction of John Cena created a memorable moment, I can't help but wonder if it was perhaps too one-sided. Lesnar absolutely should have looked dominant, but he didn't have to squash Cena so badly.

It's especially odd considering the two will clash again at Night of Champions. As WWE.com mentions, Triple H announced it on Tuesday's edition of Main Event.

Credit: WWE.com

Honestly, why are fans going to be interested in a rematch when Cena got decimated in the first one? It doesn't feel like a particularly compelling main event bout, does it?

Overall, SummerSlam was an immensely enjoyable pay-per-view filled with great matches and highlight-reel moments.

But really, the booking crew let itself down with some of its decisions. And the Night of Champions event next month may very well suffer because of it.