People in Sports Who Stopped Aging

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People in Sports Who Stopped Aging
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Ray Allen and Reggie Miller stopped aging in the mid-'90's.

Most guys would kill to play sports professionally. If that couldn’t work, they wouldn’t mind getting paid to talk about them, either. And if these same guys could have absolutely everything in life just the way they want it, they’d probably look a whole lot younger, too.

Let’s face it: No one wants to age. Time does gross things to the body. Hair falls from where you want it and somehow ends up in places it simply doesn’t belong, wrinkles and loose skin suddenly appear as if they’re under strict orders to do so, and “not fat” becomes the new skinny.

So with all of that in mind, we’ve compiled a list to include the luckiest of individuals: pro athletes and sports personalities who have also done the unthinkable and managed to defy each of nature’s aforementioned realities. Really, then, we could have just as easily called the list “People we love to envy/hate," but no one wears bitter well.

To be clear, points were awarded on a sliding scale that considered two things: the extent to which the person has fought off time (the less you've aged, the better) and how relatively impressive I consider the accomplishment (in other words, the older they are, the more credit they got). With that said, it’s with great excitement that we present to you our top 14 sports figures who, at some time or another, simply stopped aging.

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