5 Green Bay Packers with Most to Prove in Preseason Week 3

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIAugust 21, 2014

5 Green Bay Packers with Most to Prove in Preseason Week 3

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    Rookie wide receiver Davante Adams has quite a bit to prove in Week 3 of the preseason.
    Rookie wide receiver Davante Adams has quite a bit to prove in Week 3 of the preseason.USA TODAY Sports

    The Green Bay Packers play their third preseason game on Friday, August 22, at home against the Oakland Raiders. This will be the first preseason game that the team has played in front of the home crowd.

    The third preseason game is often the most important one due to the fact that the first-team offense and defense will be spending the most time on the field. This third game will also be an extremely important one for players who still need to prove something before the regular season starts.

    Players may need to prove that their past performances haven't been a fluke by being more consistent. Others may need to prove that a strong showing in training camp will actually translate over to actual games.

    Here's a look at five Packers with the most to prove in Week 3 of the preseason.

Scott Tolzien, Quarterback

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    Scott Kane/Associated Press

    The first two preseason games couldn't have gone much better for Scott Tolzien. It started with a stellar performance against the Titans, and it continued right through the St. Louis game.

    Throughout it all, Tolzien has closed the gap on Matt Flynn for the No. 2 quarterback job. In fact, quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt has called the race "neck and neck," according to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    Before the Packers can give Tolzien the backup job for good, he needs to prove that he can be a consistent producer. That's why he needs to have a solid game against the Raiders.

    Should Tolzien have that strong performance, we should see his name officially rise on the depth chart one week away from the regular season.

Davante Adams, Wide Receiver

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    Scott Kane/Associated Press

    It hadn't been going too well for rookie Davante Adams before last week's game against the Rams. He had been struggling throughout camp and had a poor performance against the Titans that included two fumbles while returning punts.

    However, Adams played much better in his second preseason game. He finished that game with only two receptions for 28 yards, but both receptions showed off Adams' phenomenal athleticism and body control.

    Adams now needs to prove that he can impact a game on a consistent basis. While winning the No. 3 receiver job is out of the picture, Adams could still become a major contributor as a rookie with a great game against Oakland.

    Look for Adams to continue to get more comfortable in the Packers offense and continue to show his upside as a prospect.

Andrew Quarless, Tight End

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    Scott Kane/Associated Press

    The starting tight end job is so close that Andrew Quarless can probably almost taste it. He's easily been the most impressive of the Packers' tight ends through two preseason games.

    Last week against the Rams, Quarless led all receivers with four receptions and a team-high 58 receiving yards. His potential as an all-around player has also been on display in both preseason games.

    While Quarless hasn't been starting (that honor has gone to Richard Rodgers), there's little doubt that he's the right choice to be the No. 1 guy once the regular season starts. Another solid performance in Week 3 would only strengthen his hold on the starting tight end position.

Jayrone Elliott, Outside Linebacker

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    Scott Kane/Associated Press

    Three sacks in four plays is going to make some serious noise for a defensive player. That's exactly what undrafted free agent Jayrone Elliott did against the Rams last Saturday.

    Now, Elliott needs to prove that it wasn't just a fluke performance. He needs to come out against the Raiders and show that same exact ability to get after the quarterback.

    With the Packers needed to boost their pass rush, Elliott could lock up a roster spot on the team with another great game. However, if he struggles against the Rams, it'll be extremely difficult for him to make the final 53-man roster.

Sean Richardson, Safety

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    Tom Gannam/Associated Press

    Sean Richardson was the star early in training camp. It seemed like a day wouldn't pass without Richardson making noise in camp.

    However, his performances in the two preseason games haven't been as impressive. In fact, they've been on the disappointing side, if anything.

    Richardson still has a shot to become a valuable contributor in the Packers secondary. Of course, he's going to need to perform at an extremely high level against the Raiders to make up for his past duds.

    There's no doubt that Richardson has the talent to be an effective safety in Green Bay. Look for him to finally play up to expectations against the Raiders and get back into conversations about being a defensive contributor in the regular season.